HAI Project To Offer AI Access To Different Businesses

HAI Project proposes a platform whereby businesses that are start ups and have limited funds can use the platform and its AI technology to develop on new and unique business ideas. The ecosystem would be based on the smart contract and blockchain technology. The use of tokens in this system would be as per the Ethereum blockchain methodology. The smart contracts would develop automatically as users sign up to use the services on this platform. Users will have access to the main computer and AI technologies to this platform. They will be able to solve problems of higher complexity as well as avail of the AI machine power of the system.

HAI Project features

The project’s main aim is to provide knowledge as well as computing power of AI that can be used in different projects and by businesses to develop diverse technologies.

  • The AI platform will help make complex computing tasks easier and provide a cost efficient platform for developing viable modern technology products and services.
  • Businesses or entrepreneurs who plan to develop such technology oriented products and services will be able to do so by the use of AI technology on this platform.
  • The developers of the platform would offer several associated services as well. The smart contract and blockchain enabled ecosystem will ensure that users who log on to use the platform will find a secure and cost effective framework to work upon.
  • They will also find a related community of applications as well as like-minded application developers and businesses to interact with in this framework.
  • All transactions would be secure and transparent as they would be conducted by the HAI project cryptocurrency tokens.

Team behind HAI Project

The team that works behind HAI Project comprise of professionals who have considerable expertise in AI and associated technologies. They are also aided by professionals who are working towards creating an AI support framework based on smart contracts and blockchain methodology. Alfredo Aguirre is the CEO of the company who is joined by Alejandro Flores as CTO and cofounder of the company. There are several others working in different positions to aid the company and help develop the framework as proposed in the original business plan.

Benefits for investors in this project

Those who invest early in this project would be able to gain access to the crypto currency, tokens to be issued by the platform at cheap rates. They will then be able to use the same to work on projects on this platform or provide such tokens to those who wish to utilize the services of the platform. The fees would go to the token holders and that would make it a profitable aspect for the early investors of this project. It would also help them gain from profits later on as the token price escalates with increased demand for services on this platform.  The company would be launching its ICO program soon that would enable interested investors to gain shares of the crypto currency tokens of the company.

Token details


PRE-ICO – 30.04.2018 to 13.05.2018

ICO PHASE 1 – 14.05.2018 to 27.05.2018

ICO PHASE 2 – 28.05.2018 to 11.06.2018

PRE-ICO – PRICE: 0.0004ETH for each HAI token

ICO PHASE 1 – PRICE: 0.0005ETH for each HAI token

ICO PHASE 2 – PRICE: 0.0005ETH for each HAI token

TOKENS FOR PRE-ICO – Fifteen Million HAI

TOKENS FOR ICO PHASE – Thirty-Five Million HAI

TOKENS FOR ICO PHASE 2 –      Thirty Million HAI


TOTAL TOKENS: One Hundred Million HAI



Website: https://haiproject.com/

Whitepaper: https://haiproject.com/documents/HAIProject.V1.0.1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/HAIProject



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