Gratzio – The Platform For Person-To-Person Services And Favors

One of the globally decentralized marketplaces that is powered by Stellar is Gratzio. It does offer its users with an ability to order and perform on-demand person-to-person services and favors. Within the Gratzio marketplace payments are made easier through Gratz utility token that is basically based on stellar consensus protocol. Users can easily earn Gratz tokens using Gratzio dApp by performing services for other users. Also, users are at an advantage of purchasing or converting Gratz tokens into other cryptocurrencies as well as local fiat money that is through built-in exchange on Gratzio platform or even can be done by making use of third-party crypto exchanges.

Gratz tokens can easily be obtained in three different ways i.e. they can either be earned by offering services on the platform or simply be purchased in the Gratzio dApp or can also be purchased on third party crypto exchanges. The firm does issue exactly One Billion Gratz tokens and 60% of the token allocation is for the public during Pre-sale & ICO. Users can take the guide about the use form the website of Gratzio and this is very easy to use.

Features of Gratzio

The firm has developed Gratzio Decentralized Application (dApp) with many features and maximum usability. Some of the features this app offers are:

Disputes arbitration

There is in-app communication feature in the designed app so as to encourage users for settlement of any disputes arising when they deal themselves.

  • Secure wallet

This is the additional feature in the in-app wallet that will have an internal exchange. This feature will users to exchange Gratz tokens into other cryptocurrencies like BTC, XLM, ETH and local fiat inside their wallets.

  • Rating mechanism

This is one more attractive feature of Gratzio. Gratzio will employ the 5 star rating standard for both favor requesters and providers. In order to scrutinize the service provider who are new and unfamiliar to the platform their capabilities to pick tasks will be restricted by a fixed reward prices till the time their rating reaches to a particular threshold and this will depend on the local markets. The variation in the local market will impact users of Gratzio as well.

The team members of Gratzio

Dmytro Khovavko is the chief technical officer of the Gratzio. He has 18 years of experience in the field. He has experience of FinTech, gaming industry and IP-technology. His specialization is in building high enterprise systems as well as cryptocurrency security solutions. Before Gratzio he was associated with Brobusiness Bank as the head of software development.

Serge Ustiuzhanin is the chief operating officer of Gratizo and is MS in cyber security. He too has over 18 years of experience and had been associated with many world renowned companies. He was associated with IBM security, research and development of Mercedes-Benz.

Olga Beckman is the Public Relation department head. She is the expert on marketing and she has made many communication strategies for different companies. She has been associated with some grass root level projects as well and has successfully handled it.

The other members of the team include Tony Patryn as the art director; he is a graduate in BFA graphic designing. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has received many awards and recognitions for his contribution in New York and Chicago.

The roadmap of Gratzio

  • Presale of Gratzio token started on 14 June 2018. 5% of total Gratz token supply offered on pre-sale and at a discounted price of up to 40%.
  • On 30 of July 2018, the ITO of the company will be launched,
  • At 30 of August 2018, Gratz token trading will be made available for built-in stellar exchange. Once the Initial Token Offering ends.
  • On 30 October 2018 the Gratzio web version the decentralized application will be launched in beta mode,
  • 1 of December 2018 decentralized application of Gratzio will be made available for Android and iOS and users.
  • By the end of February the core team of Gratzio will bring the in-app feature for governing and voting and the platform by its users.
  • On 10 of October 2020, the transition to DAO will be done.

Token Allocation

  • 5% — Pre-sale
  • 55% — Initial Token Offering
  • 20% — Gradual User Acquisition
  • 10% — Operational fund
  • 10% — Team and advisers

ITO Funds Distribution

  • 20% — Development
  • 50% — Marketing
  • 20% — Stabilization fund
  • 5% — Legal expenses
  • 5% — Partnerships

Token Symbol: GRAT

Token Price: 1 GRAT = $0.05

Accepted currencies:BTC, ETH, XLM

Pre-sale: During pre-sale the 5% of total tokens or 50,000,000 Gratz will be offered for to early adopters at a discounted rate of 40%

Main Sale: At the main token sale event – 55% of the total token supply or 550,000,000 Grat will be offered to a public

Hard Cap: The hard cap is $29 million USD







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