Gozo: Where Travel Meets The Blockchain

It is not news anymore that blockchain is slowly entering every field. It is expected that blockchain technology will really grow big in the future. However, as of now, it is still under development since there are several issues related to it. Speaking of blockchain technology, there is this new blockchain platform that has emerged in order to solve the problems faced by the travel industry. The name of the platform is Gozo. This is the industry-first blockchain enabled loyalty points clearinghouse and travel savings club. The details of the project are outlined below.

Why Gozo?

As already mentioned above Gozo is the first ever blockchain based multi-token crypto wallet, travel club, and loyalty reward points clearinghouse. It provides greater liquidity, efficiency and travel savings to the users. The company aims to raise funds in order to properly develop and market Gozo wallet and platform. it provides the users with a unique combination of wallet and conversion of loyalty travel points along with many benefits to the members.  The company is known to focus on the consumer end. It will provide immediate tangible value, affiliate crypto token rebates, Gozo wallet, and built-in loyalty points. Also, the interface of the Gozo app is pretty user-friendly which makes it easier for the users to use it. it allows the users to exchange and track valuable loyalty points into crypto tokens.

How does it work?

Gozo basically leverages the blockchain technology in order to provide greater liquidity, efficiency and travel savings to the users. The platform also has its own app that allows the consumers to harness the power blockchain technology in order to exchange and track valuable loyalty reward points into crypto tokens or Gozo travel club membership. The members of the Gozo travel club benefit themselves from the wholesale priced travels. Not only that, but they also get access to premium benefits which include free airport VIP lounge access, best price guarantee, travel insurance, medijet evacuation and more.

Loyalty point partner programs are also known to avail benefits from Goxo’s tokenized loyalty reward platform. Partners are bestowed with the power of customizing the Gozo platform in order to fit their loyalty reward plan for their customers. It also provides partners with secure, frictionless and transparent customer experience as well.


The utility token used by Gozo is known to have a lot of features and also serves a variety of functions as well. it enables liquefaction and exchange of loyalty reward points from different partners. Other than that it also enables members on Gozo plus travel club. Partners can also access the wholesale priced travel services and products with the help of the platform tokens. the tokens also serve as a universal loyalty reward token that is used within the platform.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that Gozo is a great platform that is still under development. It seeks to solve the problems faced by the travel industry. If you wish to learn more then you can simply go through its white paper.






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