Global REIT Brings The First Blockchain-Based Real Estate Investment Model

Global REIT offers a digital investment platform for real estate enthusiasts and businessmen. It is a great opportunity for potential investors who find the process of investing in actual real estate markets to be too cumbersome. Global REIT offers a well-planned crypto investment program that can generate attractive returns in the form of dividends to the investors. It plans to acquire assets globally so as to gain maximum returns from the most lucrative real estate markets. It also aims to help property owners in finding an attractive marketplace for their assets. Even though the working of Global REIT resembles to that of a conventional real estate business, it provides the added advantage of functioning from a crypto domain.

Features of Global REIT

Global REIT proposes to offer a sophisticated crypto investment opportunity for its users through its real estate acquisitions and dealings. People who wish to invest in the property market can be a part of Global REIT’s block chain framework by purchasing its tokens. Mentioned below are some of the features that can make the investment more valuable.

  • Global REIT would be issuing dual utility tokens under the names Fund Manager token and Asset token. These tokens entitle the investors to receive a share in the returns from the Fund Management Company and the Asset Owning Company.
  • Global REIT aims to reward its crypto investors by means of stable dividends. Stable and regular returns are an important feature to look forward while investing in a real estate sector.
  • Global REIT has announced to offer its elite investors with a yearly free stay at its hospitality asset that it plans to acquire in June 2018. This first acquisition is planned to be a luxury hotel in UAE, which is worth USD 75 million. Every investor who purchases 5000 tokens or more would be eligible for this free stay offer.
  • The Fund Manager token holders would receive an initial return of 2% of the total assets under management. This would reduce annually by 0.25% for the first 3 years. Thereupon it would be 1.25%.
  • The asset token holders would be rewarded in the form of the return on investment in its first acquired asset. This would be equal to 8% per annum of the total asset value.

The team behind Global REIT

Global REIT has a strong leadership team that is led by Ali Tumbi, the founder who is known for his versatile working style. Further, the team is managed by Paul Christodoulou who is the Chief Operating Officer. The Acquisitions Department is headed by Vijay D Vyas, who has successfully managed several business ventures in the past. The team further consists of proficient professionals, including Behzad Khan, Muhammad Waseem, Babar Ahmed, Vladimir Nikitin, Nikolay Shkilev, Rumen Slavchov, and Phillip Nunn.

Should you invest in a Global REIT?

Global REIT is based on a realistic business plan that has been carefully designed by some of the most renowned business advisors and developers in the world. It plans to invest in the real estate sector, which is one of the most promising industries that are characterized by high returns and market appreciation. The conclusion is that as an investor, you can totally rely on Global REIT and its team.

Token Details


Total Number Of Registered Tokens: 75,000,000

Total Number Of Tokens To Be Used: 16,650,000

Accepted Currency: ERC-20, BTC


Start Date: 1st May 2018

Closing Date: 31st May 2018

Number Of Available Tokens: 12,150,000

Price Per Token: USD 1.000

Public ICO

Start Date: 1st June 2018

End Date: 30th June 2018

Number Of Available Tokens: 4,500,000

Price Per Token: USD 1.000