GLITZKOIN A Secure Platform For Diamond Trading And Tracking

GLITZKOIN take a startup firm. It uses the most advanced technology like smart contract, blockchain, machine learning, etc, to assist insurers, open market places and band in the precious stone industry as well as diamond to reduction of fraud and risk. GLITZKOIN offer complete solution for the diamond and precious stone industries. This starts from supply chain solutions to tracking and tracing of diamond, its certifications and finally decentralized exchange for the trade of diamond and other linked services.

Features of GLITZKOIN

GLITZKOIN unites privacy, security and accessibility to create enterprise-ready applications. The blockchain technology, which is in use at the present time, does not fulfill the requirement of as the Network security is often vague and transaction data are completely public.

  • To keep transaction details private, GLITZKOIN uses bulletproofs and zk-snarks. This keeps the transaction data as well as the trade date in encrypted form and hidden from competitors.
  • The supply chain of GLITZKOIN is secure and it is based on the federated Byzantine agreement system. The system is used to run network governance protocol and to eliminate bad actors.
  • It records the historical data as well as transactions securely and allows suppliers to confirm their reliability to rating institutions and buyers.
  • GLITZKOIN allows the companies to build applications with facilities like customization, supply chain applications and end-to- end with data privacy.
  • It is easy to work with this solution as it easily integrates into existing business processes and applications.

Team behind GLITZKOIN

NAVNEET GOENKA Is the chief executive officer at Glitzcoin. He is also a blockchain expert and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology industry. As far as information about 90 trillion dollar industry is concerned, no one is better than him in terms of Knowledge. Navneet Goenka is also the main person behind the GLITZKOIN project.

OLGA ROSINA is the Diamond specialist in Glitzcoinand she is in the industry from past 20 years. In her 20 years career, she has worked with many leading Diamond companies like Alrosa and Gokhran. She is a postgraduate in management and Informatics, and he also holds a diploma in nuclear power plant management.

SHASHANK AGARWAL is the head of technology in Glitzkoin And also of blockchain expert. In the technology industry, he has over 10 years of experience. He is well aware of cloud based application and web based applications.

Should you invest in Glitzkoin?

At the present time, the GLITZKOIN is the most advanced blockchain based diamond trading platform with a crypto currency. It eases smooth financial settlements and focus on transparency and security. It is a platform which is secure and can be trusted.



Tier  Tokens (Millions)      Price       USD

1      35                       $0.12         $4,200,000

2      40                       $0.14         $5,600,000

3      50                       $0.16         $8,000,000

4      120                      $0.20         $24,000,000


Total 245                                   $41,800,000




Number of Tokens (Millions)               Purpose

245                                           ICO

200                                           Market Making + Excess Demand

200                                           Community

354                                           Management




Tier    Purchase Amount (in USD)           Bonus

1      10,000 – 50,000                      0%

2      50,000 – 200,000                     5%

3      200,000 – 500,000                   8%

4      500,000 & above                    10%

Minimum Buy Amount – 100 USD – Payment Mode – Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM)

– 10,000 USD – Payment Mode – Bank Transfer





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