Gabrotech, Offering a Solution for Redeeming Idle Reward Points

Nowadays there is a trend of enrolling in Loyalty Program Operators. People enroll in numerous LPO and later it becomes a daunting task for the users to manage the account and passwords. People wish to gain enough points to redeem while shopping, but they rarely get it. These points get expired over time and then the users regret about it. The LPOs also try to make it daunting for the users to transfer their points by setting up conditions such as Blackout dates. The customers find it difficult to use all the points they have gained. The program owners make a huge profit from this which is quite unfair.

The Gabrotech is a blockchain powered project envisioned to disrupt the way loyalty rewards market operates. It is trying to eliminate the inefficiencies by decentralizing the points control. The public will gain the control of their points back by using Gabrotech’s solution. This blockchain powered platform is capable of tracing the number of tokens used or traded. It will form an ecosystem by bringing different merchants, LPOs, customers, and institutional buyers together with a unique and common digital asset which is Gabro.

Gabrotech’s solution:

People are not satisfied with the current LOPs and they want power back in their hands. The Gabrotech is providing what people need by using the cutting-edge solutions offered by the Blockchain technology. This platform will completely eliminate the need of maintaining several different accounts and passwords. This platform will connect numerous merchants and LPOs through the blockchain. The participants on this platform can collect all their reward points from different programs. So, the customers can get enough points to redeem while buying goods and services. Thus, the lower and idle points can be utilized to gain the rewards.

Key features of Gabrotech program:

Gabrotech will introduce many sources through which the participants can earn the reward points and spend them whenever needed. It is also offering the GBO tokens which will work as a legal cryptocurrency. The key features Gabrotech offering are as follows:

  • Gabro pro-paid card:

The users will get a physical Gabro card that they can use to redeem their reward points. This card can be used in 200 countries and over 60 million outlets will accept this card.

  • Digital wallet:

Managing several different loyalty programs may seem like a daunting task if you follow the traditional approach, but not with the Gabro wallet. This digital wallet will help you in managing and using your loyalty reward points with ease. It is a secure program that will protect your rewards and other information.

  • Multi-currency conversion engine:

The MCCE or multi-currency conversion engine is a new feature that will use the Gabrotech liquidity pool to convert the supported crypto assets into the fiat money any time the user wants.

Final thoughts:

Gabrotech is addressing a very important issue that has always frustrated millions of people across the globe. This platform is also beneficial for the LPOs, merchants and other people who want to gain profit with the GBO tokens.