Fonder: The futuristic business model of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a huge thing and everyone knows their lucrative market by now. Everyone from the stringiest of businessmen to the celebrity is spending their money on buying cryptocurrencies. But the thing is that the common men are unable to get hold of any form of cryptocurrencies. In most of the cases, the trade is held by some strong IT companies which do not want to let go of their market. It is high time that this monopoly is broken so that everyone can trade in cryptocurrencies and also get its benefit. Fonder is one platform that has been made in a way that everyone can use it. They even vouch that our grandmothers will be able to use their cryptocurrency.

Why Fonder?

Most of the people are scared of cryptocurrencies mainly because of the stereotypes and the risk factors that are attached to it. But most of them are actually unaware of the currency as a whole. The Fonder ecosystem breaks it down for them as it is very easy to use. They want to create a wholesome ecosystem where everyone from a businessman to a common customer can use it for their benefit. The motto of the company is ‘Live A Fonder Life’. They already launched Fonder Diamond in the past which did pretty well in the market. Their concept of the market is completely unique and new and so they are determined to do well. The blockchain system makes them completely safe and secure. They have virtually zero transaction fees for the services that they are providing to their customers. You can actually build blockchain applications right through their platforms without the need of using any codes. FON cAPPS is an initiative by them which allows you to make platforms like fonmedia, fonads, fonstore etc. just per your wish.

How does it work?

The platform is like a community where you can utilize them to become a successful business. They already allow you to be a cost-free franchise of their Fonder Diamonds if you become a part of the community. Apart from that, they have the Fonder wallet which is one of the best wallets that you can find. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides you rewards from time to time. One can also use the different FON applications and allows a merchant to accept payments in form of cryptocurrencies. They also let you send cryptocurrencies to known addresses as fast as possible. They already have their wallet app and currently are in the phase of ICO sale.


The tokens issued by the FONDER platform is known as FON. They are already organizing the ICO sale where people can buy their tokens and they will receive their share after it is closed.

Final Thought

In conclusion, we can say that the FONDER platform is fit for people who want to open up online or offline businesses in the current market. They can utilize the platform as much as they want to have the security of blockchain and the surety of the company.