FinanceX, the Next Generation Crypto Exchange

Experts from all over the globe are collaborating with one another to establish and develop the FinanceX platform. Experts from countries like Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia are collaborating on this project. They have spent over 20 years in the financial, stocks exchange, and IT industries to understand what a new platform should offer in order to resolve the issues.

The vision is clear and that is making FinanceX the leading exchange in Southeast Asia. The founders and developers are using the leading technologies and resources to bring FinanceX among the leading 10 Asia-Pacific region exchanges within the next three years. Let’s find out more about this project.

Problems FinanceX is going to resolve:

Many crypto exchanges are introduced within the last few years and many of them are already offering trading solutions to individual traders, financial institutions, and other organizations. Even though various crypto exchanges are offering trading solutions, a number of limitations and issues are putting investors and traders in trouble. These issues are:

  • Unnecessary limitations applied while using the fiat currency in coin trading is a big issue. A lot of time is wasted and it also gets expensive to turn crypto assets into fiat money. Involvement of intermediaries makes it time-consuming and costly procedure that affects the finance of crypto traders.
  • Limited trading options and limited trading pairs also cause a lot of troubles.
  • Low system availability is also a big issue.
  • Zero transparency decreases trust and concerns traders about the security of their crypto assets.
  • Limited payment and deposit options also make crypto trading a bad experience for both new and experienced traders.

The solution offered by FinanceX:

FinanceX will allow the traders to use their native fiat currency to purchase and sell other currencies. They can use any suitable payment method to complete the transaction. The users can invest in multiple fiat currencies and use them to start trading within the FinanceX ecosystem. After applying this solution it would be easier to trade and convert cryptocurrencies into other assets. Whether the user wants to convert his crypto assets into other crypto assets of fiats of any country, he can use the FinanceX exchange to perform the required operations within the shortest possible time.

FinanceX features:

The following features make FinanceX an appealing crypto exchange for every investor and trader:

  • User-friendly platform: As a user, you will get an intuitive user interface that will guide you to finish all the required operations without struggling with functions and features.
  • High liquidity: FinanceX supports a stable trading volume in order to develop an engaging playground for the traders. It ensures high liquidity so that every investor and trader can benefit from his investments.
  • Top class security features
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Low-cost trading

Final thoughts:

This platform is going to launch 900 million FNX tokens which it will distribute during the ICO. The interested investors can buy this token in order to join FinanceX ecosystem and use its services.





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