Feedchain Offers Home Restaurant Opportunities On Blockchain

Feedchain is formed to bring in opportunities for people to supply food from anywhere which will enable them to make money and run a home based food supply business. For those who have the passion of making good food, they can avail of this platform to find demand for cheap and authentic meals and be able to meet such demands and cash in on such opportunities. Feedchain is formed as a platform that works as a home based restaurant that people can order from. It also helps to connect farmers, grocers and gardeners with buyers directly.

Features of Feedchain

This home based restaurant platform based on blockchain showcases the following features:

  • It would provide employment to millions and make this business accessible to homeowners across the globe.
  • Consumers can access different kinds of meals made from fresh ingredients and from local sources.
  • The platform is designed to work with mobile phones and its app, combined with an ethereum based blockchain technology, can provide a tokenized and a decentralized platform for home food catering enthusiasts.
  • People use their homes as restaurants and fishers, gardeners, farmers and others can provide marketplaces for selling their products; that is how people can connect from their homes and use their best resources or skills to earn money.
  • Free tokens are given to consumers when they sign up and make transactions on the platform; as their frequency of using the platform increases they gain more tokens of the platform.
  • Tokens are provided as a referral as well as sign up bonuses.
  • Individuals can offer meals in their homes, which reduces the cost of running restaurants while consumers avail of cheaper rates; people can enjoy diverse meals of different cultures across the world.
  • Transparency on the decentralized platform ensures that all transactions are secure, payments are authenticated and the services that are rated and reviewed higher gain more business opportunities.

Team of Feedchain

The platform has several professionals working for it. Rodrigo Queiroz works as a web developer for the front end of the platform; besides Feedchain he is also employed by a company called Double.

Alexandra Ivanskaya brings in his expertise in social media to this platform and has managed several social media accounts as a professional. He works as a senior marketing supervisor for the platform.

Elvis Chi is CEO of the platform, having several years of work experience in software architecture and other areas. He previously worked for Harmonics Consulting as a solutions architect.

Roadmap of Feedchain

The platform was conceived at the beginning of the year 2018. The pre sale as well as crowdsale event is planned for the third quarter of the year; beta launch of the product will be in the fourth quarter of 2018 as well as a listing of the platform for exchanges; the beta version of the platform would happen by the first quarter of 2019 while the final launch is planned for the second quarter.

TOKEN SALE                  PRIVATE SALE               PRE-ICO                    CROWDSALE

Date Start                   June 10                      July 31                  September 1

Date End                     July 10                       August 20              September 30

Price per token (USD)    0.05 USD                    0.05 USD               0.05 USD

Price per token (ETH)     0.000084 ETH              0.000084 ETH         0.000084 ETH

Lock-up                     12 months                   3 months               None

Minimum Contribution   168 ETH                      1.68 ETH                No Minimum

Maximum Contribution   None                          1,680 ETH              168 ETH

Bonus                         100%               Bonus per contribution        No Bonus

1.68 ETH – 16.8 ETH = 5%

17 ETH – 168 ETH = 10%

169 ETH – 840 ETH = 15%

841 ETH – 1680 ETH = 20%

Softcap                       None                         1,680 ETH                  None

Total Hardcap                                              46,200 ETH

Total Supply                                       1,000,000,000 FEED



Website: https://feedchain.io/

Whitepaper: https://feedchain.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Official-White-Paper-1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/feedchain