Faxport To Offer A Block Chain Based Approach For Global Sports Industry

Faxport is being proposed as a global platform for sports business that would be based on the blockchain technology. It would provide different services to sports, business communities. The blockchain based platform would work as a decentralized as well as a distributed ledger technology that is unalterable. Hence mutual trust and security aspects would be fundamental in encouraging transactions to take place on this platform. It is envisioned to develop into a trusted network for the global industry for sports. Participants would be able to transact for different services based on the secure and trustworthy blockchain platform.

The global sports industry is fluid and varied as well as growing with more economic potential in revenues and profits that the digital and online sports portals see every year. There are diverse segments in this industry such as competitive sports and promotions, fitness related to sport, venue operations, sale and promotion of sports goods and media or broadcasting of traditional sports.

How would Faxport work?

  • The system aims to establish as sports ecosystem that would help to bring together the different participants such as industry employees, sports enthusiasts, and others on a trust-based platform.
  • There would not be any loss of data or manipulation of the same which would make a transition in sports services more secure and transparent; sports talents would be circulated right and development of the sports industry would happen in a competitive way.
  • With the transparent and secure blockchain platform, it would eliminate the need for middlemen. Hence, whether it is selling off sports goods or services, the transactions can take place between two parties directly without any intermediary service in between.

The system would be based on an unalterable and the decentralized ledger distribution system that would help remove abuse, increase mutual trust and security in transactions and make services be fairly and competitively priced. It would act as an interconnected and networking platform for the different sports sectors.

Team behind Faxport

The platform is being run by a board of directors who have formed the company as Faxport Holdings in the year 2016. It is a registered company in Seychelles as of 2018. It is a commercial service being offered in blockchain based sports activities. Vincent Lee is co-founder of the company along with Davids Hwang, who is aided by Nanjie Wang as an investor and advisor and several others working in different capacities.

Lucrative prospects of the platform

With the global sports industry being a lucrative and high profit earning platform, this blockchain based approach would help leverage more of the profitability in sports-related services and transactions by helping to eliminate fraud and middlemen services. Being a registered and valid company it promises a trustworthy venture in which one can invest in. The platform would allow transactions between different commerce and global sports participants as well as connect different service providers with customers on this network. It definitely promises to be a lucrative platform that holds considerable potential for growth.



PRE SALE #1 +25% (Mar 30 – Mar 31)

1 ETH = 3,764.00 FAS

PRE SALE #2 +20% (Apr 1 – Apr 18)

1 ETH = 3,613.44 FAS

CROWDSALE #1 +15% (Apr 25 – Apr 29)

1 ETH = 3,462.88 FAS

CROWDSALE #2 +10% (Apr 30 – May 9)

1 ETH = 3,312.32 FAS

CROWDSALE #3 +5% (May 10 – May 24)

1 ETH = 3,161.76 FAS

TOTAL SUPPLY: 200,000,000 FAS ($ 30.0 M).

SOFT CAP: 18,000,000 FAS ($ 2.7 M).

PRE SALE TARGET: 40,000,000 FAS ($ 6.0 M).

TOKEN SALE TARGET: 50,000,000 FAS ($ 7.5 M).


  • 20%40,000,000 Pre Sale.
  • 25%50,000,000 Crowdsale.
  • 22%44,000,000 Faxport Ecosystem Preparation.
  • 15%30,000,000 Team.
  • 15%30,000,000 Investors and Advisors.
  • 3%6,000,000 Marketing Budget.



Website: https://faxport.io

Whitepaper:  https://faxport.io/static/Faxport%20Whitepaper_EN.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal


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