Fameone, the First Blockchain-based Platform for Models, Photographers, and Stylists

Fameone is a now ready to launch platform, using the blockchain technology to connect photographers, models, stylists, and clients from all across the globe on a single stage. This platform is going to allow the models and photographers to endorse their work on Fameone.

Photographers and models can use this platform by creating their professional profiles to draw the attention of clients. It is just like Facebook but instead of social networking it offers opportunities of connecting and working with global clients. The clients will also find this platform pretty useful. They can filter useful profiles from numerous talented members and choose professionals who can work the best for their projects. Fameone features a variety of criteria to explore the required candidates and book them immediately for the upcoming projects.

Even the members can use Fameone for booking one another. Photographers searching for talented models can use this platform to find and book models with the required profiles. Essentially, Fameone is going to be a one-stop destination for finding clients, photographers, and models.

Offering members some great opportunities of making money:

Models and photographers sometimes wait a lot to find a project in which they can gain a huge profit. With Fameone the members can make money by licensing their photographs and videos. They can endorse their best work through their profiles, attract clients, and then license their pictures and videos. If you are a model and you have an abundance of impressive photographs, you can use Fameone to sell those photographs. There are numerous clients who search for licensed content. The photographers can also use Fameone in the same way and make some good money.

Great opportunity for stylists to find major clients and projects:

Stylists work quite hard to make models look beautiful and appropriate according to the occasions. They often don’t get enough credit and fame for their work. Fameone can be their destination for promoting their work. Just like photographers and models, stylists can also endorse their work by creating Fameone profiles. Clients would certainly check their profiles and book them whenever required.

The FAME token:

In order to offer participants better services Fameone is offering the FAME tokens. This platform is using the blockchain technology along with smart contracts to make booking process simpler. Transactions will take place immediately and anybody can book another member within a few seconds.

The use of blockchain technology also ensures that the licensed content will not be accessed by unauthorized users. This platform will make sure that all your photographs and videos will be stored on blockchain. Unlike social networking platforms, Fameone will never allow other users to access your content.

Final thoughts:

Fameone is a dedicated platform that will empower models and photographers to get better work opportunities. This platform will protect their content and allow them to license and sell their content at good prices. Essentially, it will be the one and only platform till the end of 2018 that offers such services and therefore it is going to draw the attention of millions of models, photographers, stylists, and other professionals in the industry.


Website: https://ico.fameone.com/

Whitepaper: https://ico.fameone.com/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Fameone



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