Eyeglob, a Decentralized Eye Health Ecosystem

Eyeglob is a new blockchaink-based platform developed to form an ecosystem for customized eye care for everybody around the globe. This platform will comprise social networks and professionals to form a vast community for better eye care. This platform is using the blockchain technology along with smart contract to enable eye health data management and contractual data management. The EYE token is created specifically to use on this platform. It is a general utility token that will enable the Eyeglob users to access its services. There are many essential things you would like to know before you invest in the EYE token.

How does Eyeglob work?

Eyeglob is essentially a platform where the patients can protect the details of their eye health tests and access this information anytime and anywhere they want by using their smartphones. This platform will provide a specific tool to support this feature and the users can download that tool on their mobile devices.

Every participant within the Eyeglob ecosystem will be capable of producing a standardized report. This report will include precise patient notes and they can share these notes directly with eye care clinics at any frequency they prefer. This particular process will prevent patients from spending hours in the waiting rooms of the eye care clinics. This platform will provide every user with a patient card powered by the blockchain technology. This card will comprise patient’s sensitive information in an encrypted form that only the authorized people can access. The smart contract will come in action when it comes to data sharing options and data management. The guidelines mentioned in the smart contracts will dictate the way patient data can be managed.

The Eyeglob ecosystem:

This ecosystem is formed for all the stakeholders in the eye health care sector. We are a part of a technologically advanced society where technologies like blockchain, AI, and big data are thriving to make business and life easier. Eyeglob aims to use all the leading technologies to form a decentralized platform and unify all the stakeholders in eye care industry. It will eventually improve the way patients are treated and ensure every patient gets a better support from the surgeon.

The founders of Eyeglob believe that their vision can transform the way eye health sector works today and provide millions of people with better eye health care solutions. Though primarily designed for eye health industry, this platform can offer solutions for all the other health care management tasks. The developers believe that they can change the entire healthcare industry by implementing a decentralized data management approach. The patients can have a complete control over their health test details. They will decide who can access their data, kept safely on the blockchain in an encrypted form.

Final thoughts:

In order to speed up the development process and involve millions of interested users, Eyeglob has introduced the EYE token. You can acquire this token during the crowdsale that will start on September 18, 2018 and last till October 23, 2018. It is a tradable token that you can also use to use the services offered by Eyeglob ecosystem.


Website: https://www.eyeglob.net/

Whitepaper: https://www.eyeglob.net/EGN%20whitepaper%20v1.03.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/eyeglob