ExoLover Presents A Global Web Platform For Sexual Interaction

ExoLover is working towards the development of its ‘EXO web platform’ that provides a collection of sophisticated sex toys and devices that exhibit better performance than the traditional ones. It also ventures into the area of virtual sex with the help of its decentralized platform. The mission of the platform is to build a digital medium for easy and satisfying sexual interactions for the users. The project is based on blockchain technology that makes the platform more reliable for the users. ExoLover would issue cryptocurrency tokens for the users who can use them to avail various types of sexual products and services offered by the platform.

Features of ExoLover

  • The EXO platform offers a high degree of anonymity that helps the users to interact with virtual partners without sharing any details about their identity. The anonymous connection is established by registering the users’ electronic address by means of their EXO Wallets.
  • The EXO platform would issue tokens that can be used by the users for buying various types of sexual products. The platform would provide a collection of sexual images, audios, and videos that can be accessed by the members by paying via cryptocurrency tokens. It would also provide a collection of special adult magazines.
  • For the users who do not wish to connect with remote partners or real people, can enjoy using a wide range of innovative sexual devices provided by the platform. These devices are capable of providing highly realistic sexual sensations so that the users can indulge in their sexual fantasies with complete privacy.
  • The EXO platform offers quick and low-cost services to its users. It seeks to expand its user base by providing quality and affordable services in the sector of virtual sex.

The team behind ExoLover

Victor Ubugunov is the Founder and CEO at ExoLover. He has 20 plus years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and successfully mentored several businesses in diverse industries like construction, boat maintenance, restoration etc. He was the CEO of some established companies in Russia and Australia.

Joshua Scott Bird is the COO at ExoLover. He has worked as a Business Development Manager at Birds Commercial in Australia. He has over 10 years of experience in construction and design industry. He is also the Public Relations Director at ExoLover Sex Enterprises.

Lilia Bayazitova is the CFO at ExoLover. She is an experienced tax agent and a Chartered Accountant. She has worked as a Senior Auditor at Moore Stephens. She was the Senior Accountant at Bell Partners and currently works as a CA and tax agent at Liliya Bay and Associates.

Heath Muchena is the CIO at ExoLover. He is a blockchain communications expert with ample experience in advertising, digital marketing, and PR. He is the Chief Strategist at ProudlyAssociated.

Maxim Sizykh is the CTO at ExoLover. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and has worked for companies like the LLC, IBER, and FinTech.

Should you invest in ExoLover?

ExoLover aims to provide a decentralized platform for sexual integration and adult novelty devices. The venture is estimated to be quite promising because sexual satisfaction is a general need for every individual. Hence, investing in this platform would definitely prove rewarding.

Symbol – EXO

Bounty Campaign: 1%

User Reward Fund: 3%

Project Team And Advisers: 15%

Foundation: 11%

Preinitial And Initial Token Distribution: 70%

Pre-Initial token distribution starts 29/05/2018

  • 1st week 1EXO = $0.050
  • 2nd week 1EXO = $0.060
  • 3rd week 1EXO = $0.070
  • 4th week 1EXO = $0.080

Initial token distribution starts 29/06/2018

  • 1st week 1EXO = $0.085
  • 2nd week 1EXO = $0.090
  • 3rd week 1EXO = $0.095
  • 4th week 1EXO = $0.100

Minimum exchange is 0.1 ETH

Soft cap – $500,000

Hard cap – $25,000,000



Telegram: https://t.me/exoloverofficial