ERN Brings A Solution For Crypto Currency Miners And The Audio Industry

ERN solution offers block chain based solutions – an audio platform called Listern and a portable mining rig. Listern is a decentralized form of audio sharing, which supports video clips, audio books, and podcast and song distribution. This platform aims to offer audio sharing revenue to stakeholders in this industry who could be publishers, viewers and advertisers. The platform creates an ecosystem that aims to empower publishers, advertisers and viewers who can share, create and listen to different audio files. Minde Pocket Miner acts as a mining rig for mining tokens of the system. The rewards can be earned through ERN tokens in the system.

Features of ERN

The features of this block chain based platform are several:

  • As mining of cryptocurrencies proves expensive such as investing in expensive hardware, rising costs of electricity and slow returns, the ERN solution aims to offer a revolutionary application that acts as a mining device on the go; known as Minde Pocket Miner it is a portable device that offers mining capabilities on an economic scale.
  • The portable device of this ecosystem makes mining for ERN tokens affordable and lucrative; it has high tech specifications, but offers the same convenience of a mobile phone.
  • The platform also enables the pocket device to be used as a digital wallet.
  • Minde Pocket Miner offered by ERN ecosystem is not only a mining rig, but also has features like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, functions as a power bank, cold wallet with camera and touch screen interface; the device has QR code scanning features and allows payments to be made.
  • All transactions of this ecosystem can be done through ERN tokens. These are Ethereum based smart contract tokens of the system that can aid transactions for Listern as well as for purchasing services and products on Minde Pocket Miner.

Team of ERN

The team comprises of several key professionals who bring different expertise to the platform. Harrold Salen is lead developer of the platform who is an IT specialist as well as senior web developer with experience in DApp development projects. His previous place of employment was Quantum Linx.

Jane Grande is a marketing specialist for the company; she has also worked as a senior copywriter for WebBuzz and has a master’s degree in Economics from University of Santo Tomas. Others in this team comprise of Noelle Zarate, who is chief technology officer, Jayson Larin, who is a digital strategist, Jonathan Constantino who is head of communication among several others.

Roadmap of ERN

The platform was envisioned in the fourth quarter of 2017 when partnerships were formed and the core member team established. Beginning of 2018 saw key people joining the team and proof of work, technical and legal documentation being completed; second quarter of 2018 sees pre ICO and token crowd sale taking place while the third quarter of 2018 will have the block chain architecture finalized along with the design of ERN coin and wallet service. The launch of the Minde device and further development is planned for 2020.

Token Tracker Summary

Token Symbol:      ERN

Type:                   ERC20

Payment:             ETH

Exclusive Private Sale


62,500,000 ERN

1 ERN = $0.01

For 100 Whitelisted


Private Sale


100,000,000 ERN

1 ERN = $0.0152

For 700 Whitelisted

Max of  5ETH



150,000,000 ERN

1 ERN = $0.04


Max of  15ETH

Main ICO


187,500,000 ERN

1 ERN = $0.09


Max of  15ETH