Equitybase And What It Proposes For Real Estate Investors

Equitybase proposes a cryptocurrency based business model in the real estate segment.  This business would be an ecosystem based on the Blockchain methodology for commercial real estate.  Which several businesses developing communities to offer drivers transactions in cryptocurrencies, this particular business idea includes transactions in commercial real estate done through cryptocurrencies.

Features of Equitybase

It would be a real estate community forum which would be based on smart contracts formed through ethereum compatible tokens.  By the use of Blockchain technology, it would help to make an investment in the real estate across the world an easier process.  It would help to lower the barriers that exist in entering the commercial real estate market for investors. It has also helped to increase liquidity aspects in such a market.

equitybase platform
Equitybase platform

By offering a cryptocurrency based ecosystem for investing in commercial real estate there would be several advantages to reap for investors:

  • They would find low barriers to enter this lucrative investment field.
  • Investors would find transparent pricing and secure transaction through Blockchain based smart contracts.
  • It would help get fund managers and Real estate developers on the same platform.
  • It would bring the global commercial real estate on a single platform.
  • It would provide access to fractional trading and global investment in commercial real estate across the world.

The company proposes a direct and effective model of investing in commercial real estate across the world through this framework.  It would bring together real estate developers across countries and investors would be able to trade or invest my purchasing the tokens offered in the system.  The Equitybase tokens would help to make transactions secure and easy on this platform.  That would also be transactional and inherited value of the tokens for the investors.

The team behind Equitybase thinks that this cryptocurrency based business would offer 500 + million dollar investment opportunities.  This is a platform through which investing in real estate assets would become available to investors across the world. The Global market for real estate is less volatile and is a growing segment.  There are several investment opportunities through generating real estate transactions, earning through rental income, hedging and value appreciation opportunities.

Team behind Equitybase

equitybase team
Equitybase team

The experts who are behind this business concept have strong expertise in the tech industry along with real estate development and consumer electronics.  We have already raised $300,000 in the seed round.  The team comprises of advisors such as Booyon Choi, Christian Rokitta, Eduard Gubarik and several others.  This business food offer investment in real estate holdings through the fractional methodology and it is hoped that after the ICU event website would be fully functional by the summer of 2018.  Transactions would be easier through Crypto or Fiat currency and liquidity would also be made available through traditional financial markets.

Should you invest in Equitybase?

There is a lot of scope in investing in real estate across the world.  If this business model can bring together different commercial real estate developers who would accept transactions through cryptocurrency it would definitely be a lucrative platform for several real estate investors.

equitybase token distribution
Equitybase token distribution

Token details

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply: 360,000,000

Symbol: BASE

ICO Start date: 14th Mar 2018

ICO End date: 30th Apr 2018

ICO Price: 0.28 USD



Website: https://equitybase.co/

Whitepaper: https://equitybase.co/equitybasewhitepaper1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/equitybase