ENTRY.Money Presents A Blockchain-Powered Banking Platform For Cryptocurrency Users

ENTRY.Money is a highly innovative platform that seeks to bridge the gap between the crypto and fiat world by providing an array of services that can help the users in effectively carrying out their daily transactions using cryptocurrency. ENTRY.Money would provide different types of banking services in addition to a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange. It seeks to encourage and promote the use of cryptocurrencies by providing a reliable system of payment gateways and applications. These tools are equipped with blockchain technology that offers maximum security to all the parties involved. It also aims to provide a high-speed platform for carrying out low-cost transactions that can encourage fiat users to invest in crypto assets and gradually shift to the crypto world for carrying out all their online and offline dealings.

Features of ENTRY.Money

  • Money would be introducing a multipurpose platform that enables the users to create their personal accounts for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The account holders can withdraw and deposit money into their ENTRY.Money account and use it just like a bank account.
  • The Exchange platform to be launched by ENTRY.Money would allow instant trading of cryptocurrencies on a peer to peer basis. The main feature would be ultra-fast transactions and high level of security. The exchange would serve cryptocurrency users, the world over.
  • The platform would be launching an ENTRY.Bank that seeks to provide banking platform for cryptocurrency users. It would provide various types of banking services like money lending, insurance, factoring etc.
  • Money would also be introducing an ATM system that allows the users to easily convert their cryptocurrency balance into fiat currency. The ATM system can help users in withdrawing fiat money from cash machines.
  • The platform would be launching a payment gateway for Point-of-sale systems. This would help merchants, service providers, and real shops to accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

The team behind ENTRY.Money

Tomas Ambrazas is the CEO of ENTRY.Money. He has been a serial entrepreneur who has successfully pioneered several Start-up ventures. He is a blockchain adviser and ICO expert. He has secured a Master’s Degree in Banking.

Justas Maziliauskas is the Developer at ENTRY.Money. He has over 5 years of experience in programming and coding. He is an active cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain expert.

Tadas Ambrazas is the CFO at ENTRY.Money. He has over 10 years of experience in diverse business fields. He is a licensed financial broker.

Arturas Svirskis is the Marketing Adviser at ENTRY.Money. He has over 5 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing.

The team also includes key members like Ignas Sakalauskas (Community Hero), Jonas Levinskas (Backend Developer), and Vilius Sapola (Developer).

Should you invest in ENTRY.Money?

ENTRY.Money is an innovative blockchain-based platform that offers different types of utility services for the crypto users. The existing exchange platforms and applications meant for cryptocurrency holders do not meet the expectations of the modern online users. To this end, ENTRY.Money has come up with a set of payment solutions and crypto-fiat exchange platform for helping the users in easily incorporating digital money into their day-to-day lives. The platform, once launched, is estimated to amass millions of users. This would benefit the early investors by offering a high value for their crypto tokens.

Token Sale


  • Token Symbol: ENTRY
  • Token Background: ERC-20
  • Token Type: Utility (KYC/AML Required)
  • SOFT CAP: 25.000.000 ENTRY
  • HARD CAP: 325.000.000 ENTRY
  • Total Supply: 590.000.000 ENTRY
  • Long Term Vision: Team Tokens locked 2 yr
  • Smart Contract: Security checked (audit)
  • Legal Business: MI License ready (details)


3rd of May – 10th of May (pre-ICO extended by community request due late start)

Stage                                     ENTRY issued Tokens                    Price per token

Private                           0 – 50.000.000                         SOLD OUT

Public                             50.000.001 – 75.000.000            SOLD OUT – 0.10€



Website: https://entry.money

Whitepaper: https://entry.money/ENTRY_Whitepaper_v1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Entry_Official