, Offering AI-powered Bespoke Software Development Solutions

Many new business ideas emerged in the recent time. Some ideas have great potential for success. A person or company with great wealth and resources can easily turn any idea into a reality. When it comes to SMBs and average individuals, they find it quite difficult to prepare accurate plans and determine an effective development process for their projects. The failure rate for the outsourced tailored software projects goes higher because of wasted resources, escalating costs, and missed deadlines. It eventually causes a lack of trust between the developers and clients.

Engineer.AI is a blockchain-powered platform that uses the cutting-edge solutions offered by the blockchain and the AI technologies to provide everyone with bespoke software development solutions. This platform is designed to ensure that both clients and software developers can collaborate better with each other to ensure a higher success rate in bespoke software development projects. In addition, it focuses on offering cost-effect and less time-consuming solutions.

Why does a majority of projects fail and what is the solution?

As per available statistics, 91% of all the bespoke software development projects fail because coding and development still exist in a pre-industrialized world. A lot of developers face issues in creating a flawless tool for an organization because the clients fail to accurately describe what they actually want. The developers spend their time in writing codes which already exists and that causes an increase in the cost, inefficiencies, and extended deadlines.

In order to finish the project accurately according to the needs of the clients, the clients should believe that the service provider will perform the best work and deliver it within the given time-frame. In addition, the developers need to access all the essential details regarding the project to develop exactly what the client needs and also within the required timeframe. Both clients and delivery stakeholders fail to collaborate efficiently because of improper communication and that’s what want to resolve.

The solution featured by wants to implement the cutting-edge solutions offered by the blockchain and AI technologies to the current model of tailored software development process. It is offering an ecosystem which eliminates development from the “black box” and shifts it onto an assembly line. This ecosystem is featuring the drag and drops user interface along with an artificial intelligence technology powered Project Builder. It helps the clients in conceptualizing their idea. This ecosystem features a component library which effectively eliminates the need for writing pre-existing codes because such codes are automatically included during the development process.

The NAYA token: is offering an ERC-20 compliant token “NAYA” that clients will use to make the payments. The investors can buy this token during the ICO and hold these tokens to gain higher returns on investments in the future.

Final thoughts: is going to make outsourced bespoke software development more effective by using the blockchain and AI technologies. Its AI technology based CloudOps will cut down ongoing costs of project development. The in-house development team will no longer struggle to maintain the project and thus it will help both clients and developers.







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