Endchain: Complete Logistical Solution For All Markets And Supply Chains

The blockchain is a technology that has taken the world by storm since the time of its introduction. Well, there are valid reasons to it as well. This particular man-made invention has the potential to change the way the world systems work with the help of its features. This is the sole reason why more and more industries are trying to implement the blockchain technology to serve their purpose. However, the technology has a long way to go. Speaking of blockchain technology, today in this article we are going to talk about a blockchain platform called Endchain. If you are someone who is easily intrigued by the mentioned topic then you should totally give this article a read.

Why Endchain?

EndChain is basically a decentralized platform that makes use of open protocols along with utilities. This particular platform aims to disrupt the logistics industry while connecting transportation, producers, companies, forwarders, and other parties via transparent, simplified transactions. This will result in a seamless exchange of goods in a secure and traceable manner.

EndChain is known to emphasize the entire logistics chain process. That is, from the manufacturer to the business, to retailers up to the consumers. This will help EndChain to become a blockchain solution that is not only easy to use but also easy to understand for all the players who are within the supply chain.

By addressing the needs of the logistics industry during the process of production, and chain will help improve the overall experience and thus, facilitate the mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

How does it work?

EndChain will integrate all the products on its supply chain with patent pending barcode and QR combination in order to make it easy for both businesses and users to make use of the chain. Not only that, but this combination will also reduce confusion among logistics providers and thus, enable EndChain to easily integrate existing systems.

The major challenges that are faced by manufactures today is supply chain mismanagement and counterfeits. In response to this Endchain provides a solution by tracking all products from the point of inception to their final destination. To make the tracking possible, each product is scanned at the point of manufacture and assigned an individual chain identifier.

Furthermore, EndChain will also remove theft and ensure responsibility through the transportation code, which is scanned and sent to distribution and transportation centers. This monitors the movement of the items through the distribution process until their final destination.


The tokens will be distributed through the ICO to decentralise control and raise capital to cover the cost of pushing Endchain throughout the supply chain process. The other tokens will be split into four main categories and they are team, leadership, future development and advisors.

Final Thought:

Thus, from the above discussion it is clear that Endchain is a unique decentralised platform that is known to come with several useful features. To know more you can log into the official site of the company and read through the whitepaper of the project.