Elepig Offering Simple And Easy Crypto Trading Platform

Many exchanges are already present in the cryptocurrency market. But, the market is still evolving, and it is letting the room for new offerings to construct on the existing tool’s strengths and avoid failings. The cryptocurrency market and particularly the exchanges have yet to come into the mainstream. We are at the stage of early adopters of this. We found the gap in the market for a trusted and a simple exchange that allows investment from non-technical traders in a range of alternative coins. There are many websites present that make it simple to transfer traditional fiat currency into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The majority of our target users stop at this state; it involves more complex exchanges, which is designed by technical traders and for technical traders. Elepig fills this gap. It is filling the gap by providing a Simple and Trusted means to gain from the opportunities that alternative coins can deliver. The platform is making the altcoins purchase easy and secured. The firm is striving hard to make Elepig the cryptocurrency for everyone and the exchange of choice

Features of Elepig

  • Simplicity

The platform is built keeping the experience of customers in mind. This makes it easy for our customers to trade on the platform anytime and from any location.

  • Reliability

The Elepig has a team of experts with a combined 80+ year of industry experience. With their experience, the firm has developed a secure and robust    system encompassing a unique 10-layer security approach. This will give traders peace of mind at the time of trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • Community

Elepig build an ecosystem around exchange by involving its community in the design and development of the system. Here, the exchange designed will be with you, with you in mind and for you.

  • Fees

The fee structure will have the incentivizes for regular users. On using Elepig token for transactions, user will receive 50% reduced.

The team behind Elepig

Carl Selby is the cofounder of Elepig. Selby has years of experience in digital consultancy in the defense sectors. He also has experience in starting and running a successful online business in the social care industry. He has expertise in security, fintech, stakeholder engagement and mobile applications.

Mark Williams is also the cofounder of Elepig and has 20 years of in the field digital transformation consultancy in the security, intelligence, defense and the central government sector. He is an expert in marketing, security, and UX and stakeholder engagement.

Anna Lumber is COO of Elepig.  She is a program manager in the defense and utilities sectors. She holds a degree in Politics.

Other names are Adam Grtz is the CMO if Elepig. He holds expertise in marketing and designing field. Steve Panich is the CTO and has 30 years of experience in providing IT solution.


The year 2018 is the conception year of the project and it started in January month. In an April white paper on the project was released. June Pre ICO sale start, August the release of Alpha, September 2018 ICO, October is the time for a Beta release, December the full release time. On 2019 January, wallet will release, in February it’s the time for Pay Card partnership and March is the time for academy launch.

Name: Elepig

Total Sale Tokens: 150 Million

Pre-ICO Token Hardcap: 30 Million

Pre-ICO Bonus: 40%

Pre-ICO Starts: 25 June 2018

Pre-ICO Ends: 08 July 2018

Total ICO Sale Tokens: 120 Million

ICO Sale

Round 1

  • Bonus: 30%
  • Token Hard Cap: 37.5 Million
  • Start Date: 9 July 2018
  • End Date: 29 July 2018

Round 2

  • Bonus: 20%
  • Token Hard Cap: 37.5 Million
  • Start Date: 30 July 2018
  • End Date: 19 August 2018

Round 3

  • Bonus: 10%
  • Token Hard Cap: 30 Million
  • Start Date: 20 August 2018
  • End Date: 9 September 2018

Round 4

  • Bonus: 5%
  • Token Hard Cap: 15 Million
  • Start Date: 10 September 2018
  • End Date: 30 September 2018

Token Distribution

  • 50%: Community
  • 20%: Team
  • 5%: Affiliate Programme
  • 5%: Contingency and Burn Programme
  • 10%: Investors and Advisors

ICO Fund Usage

  • 40%: Product Development
  • 40%: Marketing and Customer Support
  • 10%: Emergencies
  • 10%: Legal


Website: https://www.elepig.com

Whitepaper: https://www.elepig.com/docs/Elepig_WhitePaper_Single_Pages.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Elepigexchange