ECOMI Brings A Secure Digital Ecosystem With Digital Payment Cards And Wireless Hardware Wallets

Nowadays, you would find that blockchain technology has ventured into almost every type of industry and sector. It primarily offers a set of digital application to transfer money and shop products using cryptocurrency. However, users of crypto assets lack a standardized system that ensures complete protection of their personal data, identity proofs, and records. To this end, ECOMI has come up with a revolutionary set of solution that can make the application of crypto-based elements rather secured. ECOMI would be offering a decentralized marketplace for applications. It would devise a system that allows users to store their sensitive personal data like credit card details, account passwords, and licenses within a protected digital environment.

Features of ECOMI

  • ECOMI ecosystem mainly features a Secure Wallet. It is a hardware device that resembles a credit card. It is used for storing digital assets like Bitcoin cash and Ethereum. The wallet is designed using hack-proof technology and can be accessed with a private key.
  • ECOMI would be launching a payment card called ECOMI One. The card has the potential to hold fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. It would also hold all sorts of NFC-enabled cards. This includes debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards. ECOMI One is a highly useful payment option that can help the users in buying products and paying bills using the card. It can be easily used for making payments for online and offline purchases.
  • ECOMI One card functions on the basis of an ECOMI Exchange that enables the users to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat money whenever they need to make payment for goods and services. It also allows users to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. This allows them to maintain complete liquidity of their crypto assets.
  • ECOMI also features a secure data storage system called ECOMI Vault wherein users can upload their data and files in an organized manner.

The team behind ECOMI

David Yu is the CEO and Founder of ECOMI. He has over 20 years of experience in pioneering new business ventures. He is proficient in the retail industry and licensing. When he was only 17, he started his first venture called Games R Us Ltd. He is also the Director of Retail Management Group Ltd.

Daniel Crothers is the COO and Co-Founder of ECOMI. He has also Co-founded ABC Stars and New Zealand-based Digitalus.

Mikel Duffy is the CTO of ECOMI. He is a full stack developer. He was the Technical Lead at KPMG Taiwan. He has also worked as a Solutions Architect at International Technological University.

Joseph Janik is the CIO and Co-Founder of ECOMI. He is the Co-Founder of Bentley Babies and Movement Food. He has successfully converted several business startups into profitable ventures.

Should you invest in ECOMI?

ECOMI is certainly a promising venture that aims to provide various types of utility services to the crypto token users. The security services offered by ECOMI products can definitely attract millions of users in the years to come. This would eventually raise the value of its crypto tokens.

OMI Token Sale overview

(All prices in ETH, pending price of ETH private sale start date)

Tokens Created:                      1,000,000,000

Tokens Available for Sale:         500,000,000

Min Cap in Tokens:                  100,000,000

Proposed Token Price:              $0.10 USD Per OMI

Ticker Symbol:                        OMI

Private Sale:                           37,500,000 OMI

Pre-Sale:                                100,000,000 OMI,

Stage 1 – 40% Discount / $3,000,000

50,000,000 OMI

Stage 2 – 30% Discount / $3,500,000

50,000,000 OMI

Transfer-locked – 30/60/90 days

Crowdsale:                             $36,250,000 / (362,500,000 OMI)

1000 / $100 OMI Minimum purchase

1,000,000 OMI Maximum purchase

Sales Bonus:                           Purchasers who buy more than the below allocations may receive a FREE Secure Wallet:

  • Purchase 10,000 ($1000) OMI during the Crowd Sale
  • Presale 1+2 purchase 50,000 OMI

Accepted Cryptocurrencies:      ETH

Token Structure – Detailed Breakdown

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

50% – Token Sale Participants:

28% – Long Term Initiatives

18% – ECOMI Founders, Investors, Board Members

2% – Advisory

2% – Bounty

Funding Breakdown – Detailed Breakdown

65% Product, Platform & Business development: blockchain, web, software & licenses

15% Marketing & Business & Sales

15% Operational Expenses: Admin / HR / other staff, rent, utilities

5% Legal and Auditing expenses

OMI Token Sale Timeline


Proposed Start Date: 15th April 2018 (00:00 NZDT)

End Date: 31st May 2018 (00:00 NZDT) or upon sale of 137,500,000 OMI tokens, whichever is earlier


Proposed Start Date: 30th June 2018 (00:00 NZDT)

End Date: upon sale of 500,000,000 OMI tokens, or upon hitting the hard cap ($44,625,000)