EasyWork, a Blockchain Powered Freelancing Platform for Dedicated Freelancers

EasyWork is a new project launched to offer a product that designed to discover dedicated freelancers and high quality performers for resolving critical business issues and everyday tasks. This platform is a lot better than regular freelancing job providing sites. It is better because it provides jobs to typewriters, gardeners, web-designers, and programmers. It will make hiring process easier for any business organization and provide experts, which are committed to their work.

This platform is built on a blockchain and it leverages all the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. EasyWork will make both clients and freelancers happy by offering some unique features which are not available on other platforms. It is a tailor-made platform, customized especially to make hiring process efficient, secure, and easier.

How the client and freelancers can benefit from EasyWork?

EasyWork essentially works as a freelancing platform, but it offers many offline works that normal freelancing sites do not offer. When it comes to assessing the performance, you can understand it by recognizing the benefits offered by EasyWork to both clients and freelancers.

As a client, you would certainly like to join this ecosystem by participating in the upcoming initial coin offering. The clients can use a powerful search algorithm of this platform to find dedicated freelancers. You will spend minimum time in searching performers and hire the required workers quickly. EaseWork will soon lure numerous professionals. It can soon turn into a community of highly skilled professionals who are seeking dedicated employees and reliable clients. Therefore, it will be possible to find dedicated performers within the shortest possible time.

Hence there will be so many clients, the freelancers will try to finish the assigned jobs quickly so that they can quickly get new tasks. This platform is introducing its patent Work tokens to make transactions. So, whenever a work is submitted, the clients can transfer the Work tokens fast to pay the employees. The transaction cost will be pretty low and every transaction will complete within a few seconds. It will encourage the performers to work better.

When it comes to freelance job seekers, they will benefit by finding numerous jobs related to their work skills. This platform will provide clients who are ready to pay a fair amount for your performance and work skills. Smart contracts will ensure that you will get paid on time as you meet the conditions mentioned in the contract. There will be a fair competition within the performers and every performer can maintain a profile that can lure the clients for assigning more jobs.

Finding jobs at EasyWork:

When seeking the work, a freelancer can search for the job related to his skills. It will take only a few minutes to find the work and then the freelancers can quickly chat with the clients to send their proposals. Every client will get numerous proposals for his task and therefore hiring process will get easier.

Final thoughts:

EasyWork is introducing the Work tokens during the ICO to initiate the project. Interested clients and freelancers can acquire these tokens to join this platform and use its features. It is a platform that can revolutionize the freelance job finding and hiring process with its unique features.


Website: https://easywork.life/

Whitepaper: https://easywork.life/files/WPen.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/easy_work_life