Earn GYM Tokens every time you exercise


What do you do when you are told that you can earn every time you exercise?  You ought to grab the opportunity! The Gym Reward project has come up with the idea of rewarding those gym enthusiasts who exercise regularly to remain fit.

Those who do not hit the gym for exercise have a reason to do so as it can help you earn a fortune through the blockchain methodology. The GYM Rewards are a great motivational tool for those who feel lazy to do exercise.



The Gym Rewards App works when you exercise at the GYM by introducing Proof of Exercise to the blockchain. Therefore, more you sweat doing exercise at the GYM, better are the chances of scoring more GYM coins.

When one earns GYM coins, these can be easily redeemed at any of the local participating gyms or participating cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a win situation for both the parties.

The mission behind introducing the app was to motivate people into exercising and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through earning GYM rewards, it is a compensation that they are giving it to themselves.  .

GYM Rewards Beta App will be released on 15 May 2018. Android users can take the benefit easily while iOS users can start using after a couple of weeks.

The launch of ICO

The Initial Coin offering (ICO) was launched at 50% Bonus from 1 March 2018. The sale of tokens is restricted to only 10M per day. No sooner the Max Cap is reached, the ICO ceases to end. ICO Bonus Stage intends to start from 1 April 2018. These are the tokens that will be sold at 40% bonus, while from 15 April 2018, the bonus of the tokens will be lowered to 20% and will be sold at this rate.  Finally, on 30 April 2018, the bonus relaxes to 10%. It is known as the ICO 10% Bonus stage.

From 1 May 2018 to 15 May 2018 is the final ICO stage. The cost of the GYMs will be as-

1 GYM= 0.0001 ETH

At this stage there is no bonus for the tokens sold.

15 May 2018, will be a crucial day as there will be name of GYM Rewards on the Etherdelta Exchange Listing.

The ICO details are as follows-

It is advisable to buy tokens only from the site-https://ico.gymrewards.io/ and not any other social media site.

Benefits of GYM coins

There is no need to wait for exchanges to support GYM coins.  The token system works on Proof of work (POW). It is a contract based rewards system.  Through the GYM Reward mobile app, the block rewards are added to the account for those who have met the target.

With GYM Rewards, it will help to curtail the middle man’s income (that was a sheer waste of money) and instead letting the real man earn. Through GYM coins, there can be an elimination of unfair currency distribution.  Bridging in the differences of corporate societies, this project gives equal scope to earn more currency only with sheer sweat of exercising.

With the app on your mobile, you will be able to monitor your heart rate regularly, maintain an exercise log and never run out of currency with your crypto currency wallet.

Future plans of GYM rewards

The team intends to launch its own Exchange to support the trading industry. It will help support the participating gyms to accept the GYM tokens to get membership and products easily.

How do the GYM Rewards work?

All that one has to do is register you to the participating gym.

  • Download the GYM Reward beta app
  • There is a heart rate monitor segment on the app, tap the button and start the app.
  • At the end of the day, get paid for your sweat.

For those who organize athletic events, earning through GYM Rewards App is easy. For every event you organize, earn money.

  • Submit your idea on the GYM reward app and wait for the approval.
  • Allow each participant to download the app and promote the app on the event day.
  • Get to earn 0.5 % on every participant’s crypto currency earnings.

In cases, where the local Gym is not listed under the GYM Reward, you can earn points on listing of it. All you got to do is-

  • Submit the essentials about the Gym whereabouts and wait for its approval for listing.
  • Promote the App in the Gym and allow members to download the app with the QR code provided to you.
  • Earn 0.5% on every member’s cryptocurrency earnings.

The team at GYM Rewards

The team members at GYM Rewards hail from high accolades of technology. The 20 years’ experience of President Carmelo gives him an edge to surpass the hindrance coming in the way of the business. Carroll Moon, Ron B Palmer and other team members are also adept in their work.

Token details

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply: 2 000 000 000

Symbol: GYM

ICO Start date: March 2018

ICO End date: ?

ICO Price: 1 GYM= 0.0001 ETH



Website: https://gymrewards.io/

Whitepaper: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/8f3dbf7d-a966-429f-a9a7-8bb765907140

Bounty program: https://bountyhive.io/join/GymRewardshttps://bountyhive.io/join/GymRewards