DreamPlay – Online Gambling Based On Cryptocurrency

DreamPlay is a project that plans to take the online gambling market to a platform governed by cryptocurrency and related secure transaction framework. The market for crypto currency is on the rise and there are several aspects that make this payment method a secure mode of transaction for different digital platforms. Taking advantage of the trackable, secure feature of the payment method, DreamPlay has been developed. The mission of this project is to build an online gambling platform that would be based on cryptocurrency and Blockchain enabled. That would result in an open and fair as well as a secure platform for gambling customers as well as cryptocurrency users.


Features of DreamPlay project

There are several aspects that make this project unique for instance:

●      It would act as secure and safe as well as fair gambling platforms.

●      It would be a legally licensed platform.

●      It would use the decentralized Blockchain method to solve trust issues that often exist in online gambling services.

●      Players would use the Blockchain 2.0 smart contract technology to have a fair, transparent dealing with other players and check the workings of the different games before participating in them.

●      The use of crypto currencies will enable fast payout from this system which would be done within seconds as per the cryptocurrency network conditions.

The team behind DreamPlay

This cryptocurrency based online gambling platform is partnered with several prestigious casinos in Macau such as Sands Macao. It already holds an online gambling license, which is accredited by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. That makes it a government-owned online gambling entity. It would be partnering with several established casinos such as those under the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

About DreamPlay launch

The company has been working to finalize the platform from 2017. The potential partnerships were formed in the final quarter of 2017 when the business development plan of the company was also finalized. The token sale was launched at Casino Lisboa in Macau in March 2018. The token sales are on for about four weeks by when all the sold tokens would be distributed. The token list event is also listed on several exchanges in the Philippines.

Should you invest?

The group that is supporting this business has formed partnerships with casinos that are well established in the Philippines and China. That in turn makes the business a viable model that simply needs to start functioning. With the online gambling industry on a rise and high on profitability, this business model is likely to have success rates eased. However the only risks lie in how well the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain based technology and framework is executed and made profitable for the investors. If this aspect is taken into consideration, it would surely be a success.


Website: https://dreamplay.io/

Whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dreamplay/whitepaper/DreamPlay_WhitePaper_v1.1_final.pdf

Telegram:  https://t.me/dreamplay


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