DREAM Features A New Generation Team Building System Based On AI And Blockchain Ecosystem

There are thousands of business ventures that fail to reach their goals owing to lack of proper project managers and executives who have the potential and initiative to make the desired impact. The team behind DREAM has formulated a blockchain-based platform for solving this global issue by providing a set of AI-driven tools and analytics for users who are looking for talented professionals and dedicated teams who can collectively work on challenging projects and innovative concepts. This decentralized system would help the users in finding what they need without involving any kind of 3rd party services or agencies.

Features of DREAM

DREAM seeks to resolve the drawbacks associated with the traditional system of hiring professionals and teams for executing various projects by providing a decentralized system where talented individuals can find quality projects to work on. Some of the significant features of DREAM are listed below.

  • DREAM is a technology-driven platform for serving the needs of the modern corporate sector by focusing on assisting small and medium business owners in finding outstanding team members for their projects at an affordable price.
  • The portfolios and profiles of various members listed on the DREAM’s platform are verified with the help of its blockchain technology. It employs an application powered by artificial intelligence to verify and manage the vast database of information regarding its users.
  • For inexperienced and new entrepreneurs, the platform provides essential advisory services. It features a ‘virtual mentor’ program that seeks to provide valuable support for the hiring companies and entrepreneurs.
  • DREAM platform actively participates in the formation of groups and teams by sorting the professionals based on their qualifications, experience, and key skills. The team building process is based on the study and analysis of all the past projects executed by the teams hired through the platform.
  • The platform has a panel of experienced trainers who inspects the ideas and project concepts so as to create the best teams for achieving various project-specific goals.

The team behind DREAM

The Founder and CEO of DREAM is Richard Foster. For 12 years, he had worked as a Cisco CCIE network architect. He is the Founder of Moneo.io which is a blockchain talent website. He is an expert in launching online companies and blockchain projects.

Amy Diez is the CFO and Co-founder of DREAM. She is an ACCA Chartered Accountant. She is an experienced Management Consultant and Financial Modeller. For 12 years, she had worked at KPMG London as an Associate Director.

Frank Fichtenmueller is the CTO at DREAM. He is a qualified psychologist who went on to become a Full-stack AI developer and Data Scientist.

David Collier is the Head of Technology at DREAM. He was the CTO of a gaming company for 25 years and has founded 3 tech startups.

Should you invest in DREAM?

DREAM represents a highly innovative platform for building project-specific teams. It is a blockchain-powered platform that brings together talented freelancers and businessmen with a view to finding human resources for implementing challenging projects. The venture has huge growth potentials; hence, the investors can earn a good deal of share in profits as the platform gains acceptance.

Pre-Sale Starts: 23rd June 2018

Pre-Sale Ends: 29th June 2018

Token Sale Starts: 7th July 2018

Token Sale Ends: 3rd August 2018

Min Raise: $6.5m

Max Raise (Cap): $33.4m

Token: Ethereum ERC20

Ticker Name / Symbol: DREAM

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Value: 1 DREAM = $0.80 USD

Token Allocation

  • Token Buyers: 60%
  • Rewards Program: 4%
  • Founders: 8%
  • Core Team: 4.7%
  • Advisors: 9.8%
  • Rewards Pool: 10%
  • Reserve: 3.5%


Website: https://tokensale.dream.ac

Whitepaper: https://tokensale.dream.ac/whitepaper/dream_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/dreamtoken


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