Dove Network, Planning to Connect the World with the Internet Facility

Internet has soon turned into one of the most basic facilities. It now seems impossible to live without checking the Facebook status, chats, and mails. The internet has also brought several entertainment sources to the mobile phones which people use on a daily basis. This might sound a bit absurd, but half of the world is still not connected to the internet. Areas, where the internet facility is available, also face network issues.

The Dove Network has come out with a solution to offer better internet connectivity. It is introduced as a blockchain based peer-to-peer internet sharing network that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform is introduced to form a mesh network of the ISPs or internet service providers. Essentially, Dove will turn every participant into an internet service provider. If Dove’s vision comes true, it will turn into a global wireless internet network provider. It will bring the internet facilitiy to billions of people who are struggling to get fast internet service or who do not have the internet access yet.

How does it work?

The internet service providing companies are offering a lot of data on a daily basis. Every user does not need that much data and that’s why a lot of data get wasted every month. Dove is planning to use that unused data and provide it to the needy users. Dove is making it possible by using the mesh network and the blockchain technology. The participants will have to first download Dove’s blockchain enabled application. This application will use the peer-to-peer network to allow the users and internet enabled devices to flawlessly trade the unwanted data. The users can trade their data anonymously and earn money.

Dove Network has developed blockchain-enabled devices that include the following features:

  • Artificial intelligence powered smart algorithm
  • Do protocol
  • Trade engine
  • Consensus engine

Noticeable benefits of the Dove Network:

It is a well-known fact that a lot of people can gain benefits if the internet becomes a tradeable commodity. The individual internet users will of course consider it a great opportunity of earning extra money. The governments and businesses will also gain a chance of expanding their connectivity to the customers and people, who still do not have the internet connectivity.

  • Individual users:

There would be millions or probably billions of users who have internet enabled devices. They can start trading their internet data and earn a lot of money every month. All they need to do is setting up Dove hotspots in remote areas where internet connectivity is not available.

  • Businesses:

Every business organization operates during certain working hours. The internet data is wasted when nobody is using it. Businesses can cut down the internet costs by trading unused data.

  • Governments:

There are many countries where the internet facility is limited to the urban region. Governments can use the Dove network to provide the internet facility in the areas, where no ISP provides the internet.

This is how the Dove network is planning to connect the world with the internet services. It can turn into a revolutionary project if it succeeded in providing, what it is promising.