Donocle: Blockchain Lottery Cryptocurrency Coin

Since the time blockchain has been introduced to us it has taken the world by storm. Every field that you talk about blockchain has successfully managed to make its way into it. It is expected that in the near future blockchain is going to take over all the industry because of the benefits it provides over the traditional systems. However, it is still not accepted widely due to certain problems related to the technology. There is every effort made in the direction in order to overcome the problems faced by the blockchain industry.

Speaking of blockchain technology there is this new platform that has come up. The name of the platform is called Donocle. This particular platform is known to create a global lottery by making us of the blockchain technology. This is not limited to any individual country. The platform is known to have over 50 types of tokens and coins. Donocle is also transparent and impartial to increase on the fairness. If you wish to know more about the platform then you should go through this article once.

Why Donocle?

To define it in simple words, Donocle basically stands fir circle and donation. It is a transparent and impartial platform. The platform is aimed to establish a global lottery by making use of the blockchain technology which is not limited to any individual country. Donocle has adopted the use of open data flow system which permits the users to keep a check on the flow of tokens and coins on the platform as used as goods. Lotteries are considered to be a form of investment. People invest small amounts of money in order to get bigger returns.

How does it work?

Now the main question is that how this platform works. This particular platform is known to provide businesses that can conduct lotteries locally within a particular institution or country. The second main thing about the platform is that it embraces transparency and trust through a decentralized blockchain technology. The platform is known to operate on Donation Global Blockchain Lottery System.

Users are allowed to buy lottery tickets with the help of the available coins and tokens that is available in the market. They mainly use six digits from Bitcoin nonce value as the raffle numbers. The total number of coins paid for the tickets are then handed out on the winning ratio. Purchasing lottery tickets is very simple with Donocle. It marks the numbers when the coins are shown on the dashboard. The ticket price is also determined with the help of the same procedure that is used to determine the Bitcoin market price on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The platform is known to offer two types of games and that is Mini Lotto and 496 games. The main core services of Donocle is its unique profit allocation system. In order to know more about this particular platform, you can go through its whitepaper on its official site.


This particular platform is known to make use of several coins and tokens. These tokens and coins are used to make a purchase of the lottery tickets that are available in the market. There are actually more than 50 types of coins and tokens that are offered to the users by the platform.

Final Thought

Thus, it can be concluded that Donocle is a unique platform that has been introduced to us. This particular platform makes use of several coins and tokens with the help of which user can buy lottery. If you want to know more then you can read through the whitepaper of the company on its official website.