Dominium, a Decentralized Property Management and Financing Platform

Dominium is Netherlands based company that operates like a decentralized regulated property listing, property financing, and property management platform. It relies on the blockchain technology for all of its key operations. This firm can also turn into a tool that can be applied in order to improve the services provided by the members of real estate market. Dominium is completely based on the modern technology. It is using the blockchain technology to provide every real estate client with a better solution for the services they are looking for. There are many other things that you would like to know about Dominium because you decide to invest in the DOM token during the ICO.

What issue Dominium is aiming to resolve?

Today’s real estate market has reached to whopping 217 trillion US dollars that is quite impressive. However, this market lacks sophisticated technologies required to make it actually look like a lucrative market to the modern age users. Centralization is the main issue and several amazing technologies evolved within the past few years that can eliminate the financial barriers and centralization, which are reducing the attraction of this market. Dominium claims that it has a blockchain-based solution that can resolve this issue.

How does Dominium work?

Dominium was developed on the top of the Ardor blockchain. Most of the people in the blockchain community does not know about this particular blockchain. So, this blockchain was evolved from the Nxt blockchain that was introduced before Ardor blockchain. The users can use Dominium platform to decentralize rental agreements, trade of assets, and some other critical real estate procedures such as property management work and property purchase agreements.

Unlike some other blockchain-powered projects, the Dominium Company operates in a fully legal way. This company follows all the legislations applied in countries where it is offering its services. This company is going to develop assets on the Ardor Blockchain which are going to be transparent and conveniently tradable. It will help Dominium in enhancing liquidity of the assets and this particular thing is difficult within the real estate business.

Dominium aims to turn into a lucrative platform for those, who are planning to be a part of a multilingual ecosystem which allows them to use various different currencies. This platform is going to provide the users with various real estate investment options. The decentralized approach of this platform can certainly reform the way real estate market operates across the globe.

The DOM token:

The DOM token will fuel the Dominium platform. The users can use this cryptocurrency in a variety of ways. This token will be used for forming tokenized assets, listing properties, trading tokenized assets, purchasing properties, selling properties, and registration.

Final thoughts:

The Dominium company and its decentralized platform are going to inspire other real estate businesses for following the similar approach to make real estate a lucrative investment again. This platform is providing investors with a unique token to perform vital tasks related to the real estate business. Many users might register to this platform and then they will seek the DOM tokens to use this platform. Therefore, investing in the DOM token can be a great decision.