Diro-Decentralized Identity and Access powered by crowdsourcing of contact directories 

There is no credible identity system at the present time, which is globally acceptable. There is no system that can be trusted by counterparties across the globe. There are crowdsourcing solutions, but they lack the verification process and credibility which is required to meet the regulatory requirements. Many people have described the challenges in preparing a universal identity and that’s what Diro is trying to address. Diro is a decentralized identity and access platform that is powered by crowdsourcing of contact details. This solution can be implemented in domains like networks, apps, websites, IoT, Ar/Vr, and smart contracts. Let’s explore some more details about this ICO project.  

Offering the contact app that will offer the global access:

Diro will be featuring a contact app that will be linked to the blockchain network. It will be well organized and up to date with all the contacts available on the network. Only one click and you will gain access to the contact details. All the contacts you have stored will get alive, wait times will reduce, appointment booking will be simpler, your preferences will be notified and you will get a quick access to any contact you want to access at the time. 

It will be easy to manage the contacts:

This platform is planned to make contact management very easier for the users. It will actually minimum about 90% effort required to manage the contacts on the device. This platform will not rely on people to tag individuals on the phonebook. It can perform this task by itself and that’s how it saves the user’s time. The efforts of managing the contacts keep reducing by 50%, 60%, 75%, and so on. The more people will join the phonebook the more comfortable it will be to manage the phonebook. 

Securing your digital identities by offering exceptional verification methods:

Your digital identity will be Sybil resistant because Diro is providing live human verification within all the groups. Whether it is your family group, friends’ group, or office group, Diro will first verify your identity and then offer the access. You will get the private key to secure the phonebook. In case the key is lost, you can recover it quickly by using keys stored on other devices. Diro is an effective solution for identity-related problems faced by people. It has the potential and it can work because it is using blockchain technology to protect your digital identity. 

Diro seems like an effective solution because of the following features:

 Automatically organizing the contacts.
 Whenever any contract is missing, you can retain it easily. 
 Contact will update automatically. 
 The users will get a thorough control of their privacy. 
 It is providing the users with control of the private key. 
 KYC and AML integration. 
 Decentralized retrieval. 
 Proof-of-life (human verified identity)

As the features suggest, Diro is a great platform to maintain a global identity and verify that identity over the Blockchain. It is the solution the world is seeking for a long time. 

Token details

ICO Start date: 06 Apr’18

ICO End date: 31 Jul’18


Website: https://www.diro.io/

Whitepaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/fae167_26798553a540495d9c8189932e9c088f.pdf

Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@DiroToken