Digital Asset Exchange Takes A New Form With Mandala

With the rise in digital assets and their lucrativeness, Mandala is a digital asset exchange that offers different unique features. Those who are new to this field and wish to understand the lucrativeness of investing and trading in digital assets will find Mandala to be a user friendly and intuitive platform to start with. It is designed to help understanding as well as empowers the users to play around and understand the different features of digital asset exchanges. This field still remains elusive at best and many find the landscape daunting to venture into.

Features of Mandala

There are different tools and utilities that the platform provides such as:

  • Mandala offers different resources as well as tools that empower as well as educate users. They can understand how to increase profitability in such trades and balance their participating in this space.
  • With the user friendly features of this platform Mandala ensures mass adoption and increased participation with a blockchain based approach.
  • There are step by step tutorials and resources provided that equip the individuals with knowing how and tools to make proactive trading as well as investment decisions.
  • Firms as well as individuals can use the tools offered on this platform to grasp the market dynamics and make the most of the investment and trading opportunities.
  • Responsive customer support ensures that users get the support and guidance that they need in order to stay invested profitably and makes the most use of trading analytics and data.
  • The on-site analytics, trading tools and AI based strategies make trading and investments secure and responsive as per market condition.
  • Users avail of MDX tokens of the platform to participate in the community and are rewarded for their participation accordingly.

Team of Mandalac

The Mandala exchange has several individuals who bring forth their expertise of blockchain technologies to this forum along with creating a user friendly and intuitive trading and investment platform for the users. Profiles of certain team members are highlighted below.

Nate Flanders is CEO and cofounder of the platform who has graduated from Florida State College. He has helped to operate as well as owned several startups in different domains besides cofounding Crypto Coin Trader.

Anant Handa is CSO and cofounder of the platform who is also known to be a strategic investor and the blockchain innovator. Having graduated from Colorado Technical University, he has worked in crypto currency related domain in different companies.

Zach Daniels is CTO of the firm, having worked in areas like ICO strategy, network and security systems and blockchain technology in different IT companies for more than a decade.c

Roadmap of Mandala

This platform was formed in the fourth quarter of 2017. At that time the initial steps of concept and product creation, market analysis, R&D were done. The company was officially registered in 2018 when the team was also formed in the first quarter of 2018. The second quarter of 2018 saw the development of the trade engine, user interface and crowd sale of tokens. The latter part of the Mandala will see a beta version of the platform released, after which full release would occur. Subsequent developments would be of the wallet and other features being integrated in the platform.

Project Protocol: ERC20

Token: MDX

Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = TBD MDX

Soft Cap (USD): $3,000,000.00

Hard Cap (MDX): 260,000,000.00

Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, LTC

ICO Price: ~$0.07

Tokens for Sale: 260,000,000

Allocation Group                             Amount

Token Sale Contributors               65.00%

Team                                      20.00%

Reserve                                   10.00%

Advisors, Influencers & Bounty      5.00%

Token Sale Proceeds

ICO Funds Allocation

  • Development: 40%
  • Marketing: 25%
  • Operations: 20%
  • Legal: 15%