DataBlockChain Brings Forth Exciting Possibilities Of Data Exchange

cDataBlockChain brings forth the possibilities of big data, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. These three parameters combine to form a unique blockchain based network that can provide reservoirs of useful data of different segments to organizations and others who require it.


It is proposed as a data platform that would provide premium data based on the blockchain framework. Premium data is difficult to gather which is authenticated and made secure as well as gained in ethical ways. With a blockchain based approach towards data collection and recording of the same, authenticity of data is ensured as well as transaction records maintained when data is exchanged, reviewed, added and used in other ways on the system.

Features of DataBlockChain

The features that this platform offers are many:

  • Market for advertising continues to grow, especially in the realm of digital advertising which in turn depends on accuracy of market data and research; that is where the platform offers crucial benefits and advantages such as providing a collection of databases from where required data can be obtained as per the need of advertising and other research objectives.
  • The data offered on this platform pertain to government data, credit bureau data, property data, B2B data, voting records and so forth.
  • The data found on this platform can be used by individuals as well as businesses who wish to use the data to research and build their forthcoming projects, centered around specific customer segments and so on.
  • The platform makes access to authentic data of different categories affordable and accessible to those who require it.
  • Middlemen activities are removed from this system that helps to keep access to data simple and fast as well as cost effective.

DataBlockChain specializes in providing a robust interface that is user friendly for accessing different data sources. It becomes a single point solution for people to access data as well as links it to their backend systems to have access to research data as and when required.

Team of DataBlockChain

The platform is headed by Scott Hirsch, who is CEO of the venture; he has gained a reputation of being an expert in data based digital marketing. Having pioneered in several data based technologies; he has been a part of several startup ventures such as appsbar Inc.

Jesse Brown is CTO of the firm who has worked on crypto currency, distributed ledger technology and related projects including token generating events. He has also worked as blockchain architect advisor to ServerCube Inc.

Sunny Rajpal holds the position of CIO at the company. He has worked as a senior information technology official for different companies, helping to form operational strategies and more in different companies. He also owns his own consulting service.

These are some of the key officials of the company who are aided by several others on the team.

Roadmap of DataBlockChain

The alpha version of the user interface of DataBlockChain was formed in the first quarter of 2018. The official domain was registered in the fourth quarter of 2017 after which the MVP demo release took place as well as development of the smart indexing engine. The data source acquisition phases are being completed in 2018 and live release of the beta version of the platform would happen by 2019.


  • Total Tokens Created: 870MM
  • Total Tokens Being Sold: 522MM (60%) Private Sale: 100MM Tokens
  • Pre-Sale (5/27 – 6/21)

Total Tokens Being Sold: 164.58MM

Token Price: $0.08 ($0.12 w/ 50% bonus)

  • Main Token Sale (6/27 – 7/21)

Tokens Being Sold: in Token Sale: 257.42MM

Token Price: $0.12

  • Team/Advisors Allocated: 221.1MM (25.41%)
  • Bounty Campaign: 10MM (1.15%)
  • Air Drop / Marketing: 10MM (1.15%)
  • Exchanges/Reserve: 106.9MM (12.29%)
  • Min purchase for Pre-Sale: 1 ETH
  • Min purchase for Public: 0.1 ETH
  • All Unsold Tokens will be burned
  • Team members will be on a 12 month vesting schedule with 25% released quarterly
  • Soft Cap: $10 Million | Hard Cap: $50 Million

Total Tokens Being Sold: 522,600,000 (60%)

Team and Advisors Allocated: 221,100,000 (25.41%)

Exchanges/Reserves: 106,900,000 (12.29%)

Bounty Campaign: 10,000,000 (1.15%)

Air Drop / Marketing: 10,000,000 (1.15%)