Dafzo, Providing Decentralized Logistics Solutions

Dafzo is the leading peer to peer global logistic platform that is built to leverage the advantages and capabilities of the blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. This decentralized platform looks interesting because it works as a borderless and open source platform. It facilitates multilateral trading. Serving via a smartphone app wallet, this platform supports crypto payments and incorporates a decentralized notary timestamp system.

In order to prevent frauds and other kinds of security breaches Dafzo implements smart contracts whenever two parties make a deal. That’s how Dafzo operates more efficiently and provides more transparent support for the logistics business.

Every participant can make the profit on this platform:

Dafzo is providing the international trade finance, clearing sector, and e-commerce logistics and forwarding industry the same opportunity by transforming the traditional methods into blockchain-based cutting-edge solutions. This platform can be beneficial for the customers and service providers, but the intermediary parties will get nothing here. Dafzo’s main objective is to remove the intermediary parties and geographical barriers that increase the cost.

If this business formula is implemented successfully, the clients will allocate much fewer funds in logistics. It will increase the savings and reduce the cost of shipping products across the world.

The key features you will experience when using the Dafzo platform:

The noticeable features and benefits of Dafzo platform are as follows:

  • The Dafzo platform users will save a lot of money which they used to spend on middlemen for their services.
  • This platform as a decentralized aggregator is providing probably the most competitive and affordable rates in the whole logistic business.
  • The third parties can use this platform to ship products from one position to another without being physically present there. They can use this platform to make logistical transactions and track the logistic movements via their Dafzo application.
  • This platform features real-time tracking of consignments right from the beginning. Thus, the clients can ensure their consignment is on the way and it will reach to the desired destination on the right time.
  • This platform records the history of all the transactions on the blockchain and employs a corresponding timestamp. That’s how the users can quickly audit the details.
  • Dafzo guarantees 100% transparency throughout the process.
  • You will get a tamper-proof ecosystem to perform the required operations. If anybody tries to alter the algorithm, this platform will identify the security breach and take a necessary action to avoid it.
  • All the connected blocks/nodes in the blockchain store the details related to shipping and uses that information whenever a specific node fails in the future.

DFZ tokens:

Every revolutionary business plan seeks funding and Dafzo is no different. This platform is providing the investors and participants with the DFZ tokens. You can invest in this token in order to use this platform or simply to fund the visionary idea of Dafzo.

Final thoughts:

None other startup is working to resolve the flaws in the logistics industry. Dafzo is the first and quite beneficial for the shipping companies and clients








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