CZeroMobility Developed For The EV Community

CZeroMobility has been formed to help finance the growing community of electric vehicles. This platform can help electric vehicles be used more readily across the world with the use of a smart contract token system, the CZMT tokens. These can be redeemed against products and services that are available on CZero and associated partner services on its network. There are several useful and innovative features added such as proof of carbon credit, tokens backed by credit from carbon fuel savings as well as including MVP compliance. The platform can help link different electric vehicles with the CZERO chip which will then link them and relevant data to the network.

Features of CZero

The features of CZero are the following:

  • Every device or vehicle registered on the network is fitted with an IOT chip which will send across consumption details such as electricity consumed in kW as well as distance travelled.
  • IOT transactions get recorded on the network through the block chain technology, which is based on ERC20 protocol.
  • Rewards are added to wallets by users once certain thresholds are crossed in terms of transactions and usage; this is due to the carbon fuel savings that users generate.
  • The tokens awarded to users can be used for different services on the network or exchanged as reward points for public tokens on the network.
  • Users who are miners can also be awarded by giving them electric vehicles for usage.
  • Features of the platform include charging tower technology, battery swapping station linkages, availability of CZero lion battery modules as well as wireless charging pods which would be available to registered users across different cities.

Electric vehicles can be paid for through this platform which also supports NFC authentication. The technology of the platform is compatible with electric vehicles of different models as well as plug in hybrid models.

Team behind CZeroMobility

The team is headed by Pratik Batra, who is also director of Profecia Links that has offices in Abu Dhabi, Pune and Dubai. He is a graduate of National Institute of Technology Calicut. Madhu R is co-founder of the platform and is based out of Orissa, India. Vijay Bhaskar Chowdary Suryadevara, who is also part of the software development team, is managing director of Eco Care building products which is a private venture. Others include Amarpreet Singh, who is an advisor to the company as well as Yaliwe Soko, advisor and strategist of ICO amongst others. The company is also partnered with others, such as Niltech Pvt Ltd, which is an Indian electronic engineering company.

Should you invest in CZeroMobility?

This is a startup venture based on block chain technology that is based in India. The platform is built like a complete ecosystem that can adapt to electric mobility and provide solutions to EV manufacturers, retailers and users. It is a sustainable framework based on which EV users and suppliers can make the usage of EVs easy and convenient. The platform also makes it rewarding for users and miners who can use the reward tokens of the platform in return for different services.

CZMT Token

Token Name:                CZero Mobility Token

Token Code:                        CZMT

Start:                                  June 10, 2018, 00:01 AM (GMT)

Hard cap:                     $30M

Soft cap:                      $2M

Exchange rate:                    1 ETH = 5000 CZMT @ Stage 1 of Presale

Project protocol:                  ERC20

Token Structure

Sale to Community – 57.1% (200M)

IOT Transactions – 37.5% (125M)

Team, Founders – 5.7% (20M)

Advisors, Legal -1.5% (5M)






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