CryptoRobotics Offers Automated And Cross Platform Cryptocurrency Trading

There are gaps that exist in crypto currency trading such as terminals not being able to integrate with each other. Among the top ten crypto exchange terminals the web interfaces vary in different ways as well as the exchange rates. To overcome such problems CryptoRobotics has been formed. There are preset algorithmic trading and other features inbuilt in this platform more of which are discussed below.

Features of CryptoRobotics

The features of this project include the following:

  • Preset CryptoRobotic principles are inbuilt in this trading platform which incorporates algorithmic trading.
  • The Robot Constructor platform has an intuitive and user friendly interface that allows creation as well as testing of different trading strategies which can be based on historical trade data.
  • The robot marketplace offers robots that are created by traders.
  • The traders who participate in this platform can create and sell their wares through this platform.
  • Trader rankings would be based on the trader yield curve and traders can follow others through the auto follow function which helps to replicate trader transactions.
  • Trades and transactions on this platform can be executed via smart contract tokens.
  • Users will gain from the big data advantage of this platform which provides current and historical trade data, trading strategies and tests checked through volumes and interactions can also be done by validating, integrating and enriching data through analytics and ratings, backtesting and so forth.
  • It offers a cross platform trading terminal which will be compatible for computers as well as tablets and allow traders to make the most of major crypto currency exchanges, switching between them with ease.

This platform will not only offer stock market terminals, but also analytical tools and reports to be used by traders to understand the risks as well as hold currency in different offline and online wallets.

Team behind CryptoRobotics

Jonathan Fianu heads the management of the company who is also Associate Director of PredictX which is a London based venture. He has graduated from the University of York. He has several years of leadership in business operations as well as has helped to launch different ventures in Africa, Europe, Asia and Russia.

Nikhil Puri is a director at KPMG and also looks into the management of this platform. His previous work experience was at Capgemini Consulting prior to which he was a Sr. Consultant at NameUGS.

William Bryant, who is also part of this platform’s management team, comes in with his work experience of being director at Amex.

There are several others who handle different functions of the platform.

Roadmap of CryptoRobotics

The algorithmic technology for development of this robotic exchange was first envisioned in 201. After that, testing was done on the different crypto currency exchanges in 2017. By the end of 2017 the concept was developed as to how the terminal for the different exchanges and trades would function. The first terminal prototype that works has been developed in April 2018. In the subsequent months the core and Windows version as well as the Mac OS version of the terminal would be finalized.

Token issue: 120,000,000

ERC-20 standard

Tokens for sale: 57,600,000

1 token price = 0.00015 ETH

Token sale

  • Founders: 30%
  • Development team: 3%
  • Advisers: 7%
  • Bounty: 3%
  • Reserve Fund: 9%
  • Pre-ICO: 8%
  • ICO: 40%

Pre-ICO and ICO

% of issue                            Number of tokens

Pre-ICO        8%                                9,600,000

ICO             40%                              48,000,000