Cryptopia Exchange

Cryptopia is one among the several cryptocurrency based exchanges that have come up. Users on this platform would be able to sell as well as buy different kinds of cryptocurrency assets. However, the transactions on this exchange take place in a peer to peer network. This also acts as a marketplace where one can trade in different kinds of cryptocurrency assets. Hence this exchange offers transactions of more variety on this platform.

About the company

The portal is a registered venture in New Zealand and its registered entity is known as Cryptopia Limited. The portal was formed in 2014 and is co-founded by two directors, Robert Dawson and Adam Clark. However, the registration information states that the company is into software development while it actually operates as a financial service.

Features of Cryptopia

There are several features that this portal offers such as:

 It acts as a peer to peer exchange of cryptocurrency and its expansive network provides many opportunities for voluminous trading.
 The exchange platform ranks within the top 60 as per the trading volume.
 It provides an opportunity for trading in different kinds of cryptocurrencies.
 With several cryptocurrencies coming in the market one can find an opportunity to trade with them on this platform.
 Marketplace feature of this exchange acts as a classified website. Hence those who wish to buy, sell as well as trade in different cryptocurrency assets will be able to use this platform.
 The platform offers arbitrage service as well. One can find information about the cryptocurrency trading prices on the different exchanges. Users can make informed decisions especially when it comes to trading with less popular cryptocurrencies as well as knowing how to combat the challenges of working with a high liquidity cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.
 Coininfo is a section of this portal that provides updated information on different kinds of cryptocurrency tokens, as many as 500 that are traded on this website.

Other features offered on the portal are Paytopia that has different products and services listed which one can avail of using cryptocurrency assets.

Should you trade on Cryptopia?

This trading platform requires any user or trader to be registered and have a verified account to start trading. The only fiat currency accepted on this platform is New Zealand dollars. It is advised that one reverts to user feedback and reviews regarding the reliability of the platform before deciding to trade here.