Cryptonity, the First Crypto Community Exchange

Cryptonity is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. They call it Cryptonity because it represents crypto and community, two very powerful and meaningful words. Unlike other centralized and decentralized exchanges, Cryptonity is designed to be a crypto exchange that is chosen and respected by all the traders in the crypto market and the cryptocurrency industry.

The primary goal of Cryptonity is to offer the securest, most comprehensive, transparent, and collaborative cryptocurrency exchange that is never built before. It will work to bring great vibes to the crypto community and turn the crypto assets into some of the most valuable assets in the world. It will not work on the “Only Profit” policy like many exchanges do because it will be working to benefit the traders, investors, and users as much as possible.

How does it work?

Cryptonity is planning to develop and introduce a new blockchain. The development process of its own blockchain will initiate as the ICO will end and the community of traders and investors will join this platform to help it in progressing fast. The developers are mainly focused on developing the community because this new crypto community will assist in proper development of the project and make it work effectively for every participant.

The development work will commence with the development of blockchain and later Cryptonity will create a decentralized exchange. This platform will collaborate with the whole community in order to offer everyone with the best crypto exchange. This platform will also launch a “code-a-thon” program for ensuring a smooth progress.

This program will incentivize teams that will make their efforts to make Cryptonity a better crypto exchange. They will receive the XNY tokens as rewards. This platform aims to offer the decentralized exchange as soon as possible after the initial coin offerings is ended. Every participant will be informed about the progress in development on a regular basis.

Key features of Cryptonity exchange:

The key features of the Cryptonity platform include the following:

  • An all-inclusive cryptosystem:

This platform is offering every participant with the most ergonomic and high-performance trading tools. The Cryptonity Token (XNY) holders will be allowed to trade with the lowest fees in the crypto trading industry. This platform will provide you with a decentralized crypto exchange that is developed on its patent blockchain. There will be better incentive programs and a chance for everyone to work for developing an effective crypto exchange for trading.

  • Exceptional security:

The founders have hired the leading security experts in order to provide traders and investors with the exchange that has top-notch security features. This platform will be the first to provide participants with insurance in order to refund the amount if they lose their crypto assets.

  • Community centric trading solutions:

Cryptonity is willing to involve the participants in the development process of its decentralized crypto exchange. The users can consider their needs and offer some great suggestions to add some unique features.

Final thoughts:

Cryptonity will be presenting a decentralized exchange, developed for the users on the basis of the features and functions suggested by the users. It will offer some revolutionary trading features that other exchanges do not offer.








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