Crypto Market Cloud (CMC): The First And Only Self-Contained Ecosystem

Once the damage is done there is no way that we can undo it. If it’s done, it’s done, nobody can fix it. No Shilling Fomo or any other form of promotion can be used to bring back the 600 billion that have been erased of investor’s portfolios. There is nothing that can be done about it anymore. However, the one thing that we can do is make sure that the future of your investments is safe. It is important to make sure that a solid ROI, your investment won’t depend on speculation, marketing, fomo or shilling but rather on good, genuine and honest business practice. But how this should be done? Well, this is where a platform like Crypto Market Cloud comes into the picture. This platform has a clear vision, of what product it wants to develop, how to implement and create usability, with legitimacy and fair business practice. They also know their strategic position and the importance that they hold in the industry. In fact, they are first of their kind in the industry.

Why CMC?

Crypto Market Cloud is already a developed and working product. The team of CMC is trying to build a full self-contained ecosystem. The Cryptocurrency Exchange of the platform will only accept and focus on token generation and listing for Security and Equity tokens.

You can start by creating your security or equity token on the platform’s blockchain. Every time a token has created a total of 5% will be reserved for the original CMC token holders. After this, your STO will be listed on the platform’s Crypto Market Cloud for fundraising. During this cycle, the platform will promote your STO to all the subscribers with the help of all the media channels. Once you are successfully done with the funding round, a guaranteed exchange listing will follow on native Crypto Currency exchange.

How does it work?

CMC is built on the advantages of an ICO in order to create an ecosystem that is going to bring the next big change in the global capital markets. CMC will enable decentralization of pre-seed investments by adopting unique capabilities of blockchain technology and also by providing a legal way to purchase security tokens. Tokenization of existing assets, creating of a total of 5% which will be reserved for the original CMC token holders with revenue streams, or other hybrid security tokens.


Just like any other blockchain platform, even CMC is known to make use of its own utility token. These tokens are used for various purposes within the boundaries of the platform. You can learn more about the CMC tokenization on the internet.

Final Thought:

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that CMC is the very first Self-Contained system. In fact, it is the only self-contained system that is known to us. This platform is one of it’s kind. To know more you can go through the whitepaper of the project.



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