CoTrader Brings Smart Funds And Investment Possibilities On Blockchain

Co Trader brings in an investment platform based on blockchain technology. This platform is built to support crypto currencies of different kinds as well as enables trade in options, stocks and different derivatives. The platform functions in a decentralized manner based on blockchain technology that enables users to invest as well as manage funds on the chain. The funds are known as smart funds which are managed by a dedicated team of fund managers who take the trade decisions for fund asset trading on different decentralized exchanges. Investors can control their investments on the platform with easy and versatile funding and payment solutions.

Features of CoTrader

The platform offers the following characteristics:

  • The core of the platform is centered around smart funds which are ethereum based smart contracts that are formed by investors and managers on the platform.
  • Those who sign up and invest in funds are awarded certain shares that represent their percentage of ownership.
  • The fund manager can trade in assets that are invested in a fund that will help him and his team of investors to make a profit.
  • Fund managers gain performance fees for profits that they make on behalf of their investors while the latter can also control their investments, follow the easy ways to deposit or withdraw funds from their account on the platform.
  • Smart funds work on the basis of ERC20 tokens and hence, trades and exchanges happen with these tokens.
  • Those who wish to invest in the smart funds need to buy COT tokens of the platform to start trades and investments.
  • Smart funds can also be created by anyone on this system where the creator can choose the fund name, set performance fees, percentage of profit sharing and share ownership terms.
  • Anyone can assume the role of a fund manager on this platform; they can do so by registering and forming a smart contract on the system; they would be charged a minimal fee one time after which they can invest and trade in their funds.

Team of CoTrader

The team comprises of several professionals who are dedicated to making the unique MVP blockchain of the platform a success.

Gary Bernstein is CEO and founder of the platform. He worked behind the unique architecture of CoTrader and has built the team that is carrying out his vision to reality. He has acted as an entrepreneur for different projects across 20 years of work experience.

Eliezer Steinbock is CTO of the firm who was also CEO of the initiative Draft Fantasy. This became a successful crypto fighter’s collectible game domain. He has graduated in Computer Science from University of Jerusalem.

Pasha Kaza acts as operations manager of the firm, having about five and more years of experience in QA automation, systems and network administration and DevOps.

Roadmap of CoTrader

The platform was conceived and formed in the third quarter of 2017 when MVP or arch in development was started along with provisional patents filed. By the fourth quarter of 2017 new concepts and Dev MVP are completed with provisional patents filed. MVP demos are released in March 2018 and by June 2018 MVP would go live on testnet. By the latter part of 2018 the ICO trading tools would be expanded on the system and platform launch would be finalized.

The CoTrader Token

  • Total token supply: 100 billion
  • Hardcap: $10M or 20 billion tokens
  • Pre-sale bonus: 20%
  • Crowdsale price: 1 ETH = 700,000 COT

Token distribution

  • TGE ICO: 20%
  • MM + Bounty + Air: 8%
  • Operations, 4 years vesting: 52%
  • Team, 4 years vesting: 20%