Cool Cousin and Cuz- A Combination That Favours Travellers, Cousins And Investors


Air BNB transformed every household with a spare room into a host, TripAdvisor gave every consumer a voice of their own and Priceline nullified the business of the high-end travel agents. After all these big things happening in the realms of the travel industry, Cool cousin is the next big thing to happen in the world of traveling. It basically works on the principle of having a friend in each town around the world, who would give unbiased and unscathed suggestions to the travelers about the place they reside in. This means, less of paid bullshit floating around on the internet and more of raw, awe-inspiring tourism stories.

It is not always that one may have a friend in a new urban, but getting first-hand knowledge before you arrive at the destination plays a crucial role. This is the reason why 17 professionals from varied disciplines have come up with the Cool Cousin concept have brought the segment of building cousins. It aims to serve a visitor as per their taste and knowledge through online information. What’s more, it is coming up with CUZ.

The Initiation of Cool Cousin API

With the beta version launched in the year 2016, it is an application made on the ideology of providing contextual information on different destinations, events, recommendations, suggestions etc. It is a travel app that is preparing for an upcoming ICO. It has more than 500,000 travellers globally who have ventured into the capital-backed company. One can interact with cousins (locals of a new city) on the web app or iOS gadgets. (The Android version is still in the making). Cool Cousins is a well-known face amongst the publications of New York Times, USA Today, National Geographic etc.

The dogma behind the advent of Cuz is to give the content creators a liquid and transferable cryptocurrency, to grow. The crypto review on this platform has been favorable. The fee received in the form of tokens will be distributed amongst the community of cousins and the company. Thus, making it a win situation for all the three parties.

CUZ:The New Cryptocurrency by Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin is growing by leaps and bounds and is now all set to release a digital currency known as CUZ. It is an upcoming cryptocurrency and is ready for a token sale. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is made on the ERC20 token. The crypto reviews are states that with Cool Cousins traveling over 70 cities globally, Cuz is security and incentive for the users of the same.

The Cuz token sale will begin in March 2018 and there is a total of 300,000,000 Cuz tokens to be sold.

  • The hard cap value is fixed at 17,500 ETH and the exchange rate is set at 3,770 CUZ for every one Ethereum.
  • Of the available CUZ token, 33 percent will be reserved for ICO and 25 percent will be kept for the community.
  • 10 percent of the CUZ tokens will be reserved for the team and 24% will be reserved for all the future operations.
  • A small sum of 8% will be dedicated towards the early supporters and ICO advisors.

Headliners Offered By Cool Cousin’s Cuz-

The cryptocurrency review on Cuz can be understood from the following few features

  • Content Revealed Is Unbiased

The company intends to use the token from an incentive participation point of view for the community. It aims to use smart contracts so that it has its separate corporate interests. This will ensure that there is no biases on the content of the Cool cousin. There are no false promises or recommendations just to earn the brownie points.

  • Monetizing Interactions With Cool Cousin

This is going to be a platform where from travel agencies to travel services who wish to advertise their services, use CUZ tokens. Even to book hotel rooms or an event, it can be done through usage of CUZ tokens. This is going to help in monetizing the interaction on the platform.

The ICO’s at Cool cousins are established company offering blockchain at affordable pricing. If it is to believe the market predictions, the ICO review holds good and will make 90% of CUZ 300,000,000 coin available for its investors 




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