Contractium, a Tool for Creating Personalized Smart Contract with Ease

Contractium is a decentralized platform designed to run smart contracts powered by the Ethereum network. It is a software designed to eliminate fraud, downtime, interference and censorship caused by third parties.

The developers have created a custom-built blockchain to run this software. That blockchain is essentially a worldwide shared network which can endorse the ownership of property and move value around. Contractium is quite essential for those who have no experience with blockchain and who want to form contracts without facing any difficulty. In addition, this platform will reward online users who want to gain money by using different services available on the web.

How does Contractium work?

Contractium is a blockchain-powered tool that allows the individual users and businesses to form store registries for the debts or guarantees, markets, and move funds with pre-mentioned guidelines on the blockchain. This platform is introduced to eimintate the printed contracts in which the notarization by public notaries is important. It will introduce a whole new way of doing business and deals. With Contractium the businesses will get the following solutions:

  • A payment system in countries where cryptocurrency is allowed to trade.
  • An incentive system which can be applied in the rest of the nations.

This platform is going to transform the contracts are created and used and therefore it seems like a promising solution.

Key features of Contractium:

Although we have mentioned a lot about what Contractium is all about, its features will explain more to give a glimpse of how important this platform is.

  • A blockchain app:

Contractium is designed in a way that the businesses can integrate it in their inner business network. Its user-friendliness and graphical interface will make it better than typical smart contracts provided by Ethereum. The users can rely on this software to develop smart contracts and they can do it just with a click. Its CTU token will improve the way business organizations reward bonuses online to their clients.

  • Smart wallet:

The Contractium wallet, also known as the smart wallet, is the entrance to decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain network. The users will need this wallet to safeguard their CTU tokens for a long time.

  • Customized smart contracts:

The smart contracts are introduced to eliminate the need of traditional contracts whenever two parties make a business deal of make any other agreement in which monetary transactions are involved. With Contractium, the businesses can develop their unique smart contracts that will be written in solidarity. This platform is completely based on Ethereum smart contracts, but allows normal users with no blockchain skills to develop contracts for different deals.

Token details:

The CTU token introduced by Contractium will be used to produce agreements by using the Contractium app. This token will play a vital role as a mean of transaction and to create the type of contract required in a business deal. The incentives and payments will take place by using CTU as a cryptocurrency and therefore it is an integral part of the Contractium platform.