Coinolix, a User-friendly Decentralized Crypto Exchange

The Coinolix exchange is designed to provide the traders and investors with a comprehensive range of crypto assets for trading. This platform also offers trading solutions for all the ERC20 compatible tokens. Though there are many ideas about decentralized crypto exchanges, Coinolix’s user-friendliness and high performance trading engine makes it a better platform for crypto trading than others.

In order to follow the best practices, this crypto exchange holds a majority of crypto coins reserved in a cold storage. These crypto assets do not exist on any computer or web server and therefore it is capable of offering exceptional security solutions. Let’s find out more about this new crypto exchange to assess its potential.

Key features of Coinolix crypto exchange:

Coinolix is designed to be a pure crypto exchange with fiat pegged crypto solutions. Its key features include the following:

  • Matching engine:

In order to support and process a high amount of trades every minute, this platform is equipped with adaptable and extensible engine. It can accept numerous trading requests and process them within a few seconds.

  • Simple UI:

To keep things simple and allow both newbies and experienced traders trade conveniently, the developers have kept Coinolix user interface simple and easily understandable. You can open this crypto exchange on your web browser, Android phone or iOS devices.

  • Multiple crypto assets to trade:

This crypto exchange will allow traders to trade ETH, BTC, XRP, DASH, LTC, NEO, USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin) and CNC (Coinolix Coin). There are only a few centralized exchanges that support such a wide range of crypto assets. Coinolix would be one of the leading decentralized exchanges to offer such solutions.

  • 24-7 customer support:


Though cryptocurrency trading is not a new thing, many traders who recently switched to the crypto market face difficulties. They seek support when trading or dealing with complex functions of the crypto exchange. Coinolix is offering highly talented customer executives to help its users whenever they face a normal or technical issue.

  • Security:

In order to prevent cyber attacks and keep the hackers away from the crypto assets owned by the traders, this exchange is implementing the DDoS attacks protection, two-factor authentication method, exchange audit, encryption and backup. The users’ assets will be stored in a cold storage to eliminate the chances of security breaches.

  • Additional features:

To facilitate enjoyable trading solutions this crypto exchange will support margin trading, spot market trading, and futures market trades. Coinolix is being launched to offer its services for a long time. It will add new features, adopt new technologies, and improve its performance by using every possible solution.

Final thoughts:

Coinolix is not just increasing the number of exchanges in the decentralized crypto exchange list, it is being designed to address the actual issues and resolve them. This has the potential of luring numerous traders because of its user-friendly interface and multi-cryptocurrency trading solutions. In order to speed up the development process, this platform is collecting funds through the ICO. You can invest your money in the CNC coins to be a part of Coinolix’s success and make a huge profit with it.






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