Coinnup Offers Financial Transactions Ecosystem Based On Blockchain

Coinnup is an ecosystem based on Blockchain technology that comprises of five platforms which are crypto exchange, a POS network, fiat central, B2C and B2B payment gateways. It is an ecosystem that is developed to incorporate compatibility between crypto and fiat.

This platform has been developed by fintech experts as well as economists and developers who provide payment and financial solutions for traders, investors, common buyers in B2C and B2B platforms. The ecosystem offers several customized solutions that can aid in transactions of varied kinds, involving both fit as well as crypto currencies.

Features of Coinnup

Coinnup has several features that make up the different functions and platforms on it:

  • There are customized solutions framed for merchants as well as buyers who can use it not only to transact in fiat or crypto currencies, but also use it as a point of sale terminal.
  • It is an exchange for the traders as well as a single wallet that secures digital assets and can provide them in a synchronized manner in different mobile applications.
  • The platform can be your one point for all financial transactions, whether you are making or receiving payments, recharging mobile or paying utility bills. It is possible to shop online as well as offline with the app of Coinnup which can include flight bookings, hotels and holiday trips.
  • The platform offers ERC 20 compatible tokens called PMZ which form the medium of all transactions on this platform.
  • Two major components of this ecosystem have started operations early which are the coin ranking system and portfolio management after which the exchange and fiat central start operations.
  • The platform ensures fast payment and exchange services across the world with a valid e-money license.
  • Paymaz is a product offered by Coinnup that allows merchants and buyers to avail of all the core functions. This application allows transactions to happen with the utility token of the system, PMZ. With it users on the community would be able to transact, pay, buy, sell as well as send across payment to different parties in crypto currencies. Paymaz crypto exchange, Paymaz fiat central, Paymaz debit card are some of the features that make use of the crypto currency transactions. The other payment gateways and universal wallet features allow transactions in fiat currencies.

Team behind Coinnup

The platform is run by several individuals and at the top of the team is Yaqub Rahimov who specializes in Marketing and PR. He looks into ICO marketing solutions and Blockchain marketing for Coinnup. He has also co founded two nonprofit organizations, among which one is Vernam, an insurance commission initiative based on Blockchain technology.

He is aided by Shafique Ibrahim, who looks into cross border payments. He has expertise in several domains such as strategic business, innovation, Fintech and has held leadership roles in different organizations such as Al Fardan Exchange in UAE. He has worked with cross border remittances as well as IT infrastructure management over 18 years.

Richard Shibi looks into technical and security aspects of Coinnup. Having worked for 15 years in IT industry, he has worked as senior management consultant as well as regional account executive for different IT projects in the telecommunication industry.

Michele Mazibuko works in the marketing division of Coinnup and has expertise as ICO advisor, community engagement specialist as well as is founder of the startup venture Dadirri Digital.

Others on this platform are Ashish Verma, who looks into risk management, trading and liquidity aspect while Kenji Cheung of marketing division are some of the other professionals engaged in this company.

Should you invest in Coinnup?

There are many possibilities for merchants as well as individual users to make use of this versatile financial transaction platform. With different applications of the platform such as a crypto exchange, fiat central, universal wallet and different payment gateways, it offers an option for one to use a versatile wallet for making transactions in crypto as well as fiat currencies. Investing in the POS infrastructure of the platform as well as exchange and other features that it offers can help bulk financial transactions easier and faster with this framework. It has been built to have scalability present to handle bulk transactions.


Token Brief

ERC20 compitable

Symbol – PMZ

Total Supply – 298,500,000

Hardcap = $21,000,000 USD

Extended Hardcap = $32,000,000 USD

ICO COIN Distribution breakdown

  • 20% Marketing
  • 20% Acquisitions, Buyouts
  • 10% Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • 50% Platform Development + HR


35% – Coinnup Team and Future Recruitments

20% – Liquidity

35% – Initial Coin offering (ICO)

7.5% – Community Rewards

2.5% – Advisors





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