Coinmama was formed in the year 2013, at a time when cryptocurrencies were emerging in the digital platform. It is a venture that has a Slovakian registration, but ownership of the company links it to New Bit Ventures that are based out of Israel. The platform is available for use in 200 and more countries as well as 24 states of the US.

Features of Coinmama

This platform functions as a typical exchange for cryptocurrencies with the standard features as follows:

 Users can buy and sell in cryptocurrency tokens like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
 Purchases can be done by debit and credit cards as well as through Western Union transfers.
 The trades are not done by the customers directly, but by the company on behalf of the customers
 Verification of accounts is a requirement for any user who registers new on the platform and wishes to trade in high volume. Those who wish to transact up to an amount of cryptocurrency not exceeding $/€ 150 need not verify their accounts. For serious traders, it is necessary to provide government issued documents to fulfill the KYC terms. Verification of personal details as per the documents submitted does not take long to the system. Transfers to the account depending on the payment mode that customers opt for.
 Purchase limits can be high, especially for transactions made by credit card and the fees are also charged accordingly.
 As per the verification levels, the purchases of cryptocurrencies through the platform are set and so are the withdrawal amounts and frequency.
 It advises users to save their money and assets on a digital hard wallet as well.

The platform offers customer support through email while standard queries can be found answered in the FAQs.

The platform has a high visitor traffic with about 600,000 visitors on an average in a month. It is also a registered entity in US where it reflects a registered money service. Susceptibility to attacks is less as user accounts do not engage in transactions directly. At the same time, its traffic rate is low as compared to other high traffic exchanges which showcase the level of profitability and features that it offers. There is an absence of different tools and services that other exchanges offer to cryptocurrency traders. With the above information, one can form their own conclusions as to whether they wish to sign up on this platform