Coinigy provides digital currency trading with several solutions all on one platform. It offers a trading platform for mobile as well as desktop devices. Coinigy becomes a window for trading at 45 and more popular cryptocurrency exchanges that can be done by opening a single secure account on this framework.

Digital currency trading becomes safe, smart and effortless on this platform. Here we look at the features that it offers and how dependable and profitable is this trading platform.

Features of Coinigy

The features of this trading platform are several such as:

 Those who wish to trade on this platform can sign up for a trial period of 30 days to test the different trading features after which the Pro Trader program requires a monthly fee of $15 to be paid every month.
 Coinigy connects traders with several high volume Bitcoin exchanges such as BTC China, Gemini, Poloniex, OKCoin, Kraken, Coinmate, Huobi, Yunbi, and others.
 Mobile app of this exchange can be found on Android devices while the app for IOS is yet to be launched.
 One can monitor their portfolio all day long and trade on the exchange 24/7.
 The chart of exchanges allows ease of trading on any platform.
 There are built-in analytical tools and instant access is gained to historical and real-time data.
 Prompt customer support features exist that comprise of help desk and live chat assistance.

The platform ensures uptime that is 99.9% as well as provides encryption standards of SHA which ensure that your trades happen in a secure manner and your wallet transactions remain protected.

About Coinigy Inc

This is a registered company that has its headquarters in Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin. The company was formed by Robert Borden, who is the CEO and founder as well as William Kehl, who is co-founder and president of the company. The company raised money in 2016 with seed funding and since then they have been operating on the digital platform.

What traders have to say?

There are several users of the platform who have commented on the versatile trading features that it offers and the range of trading platforms provided. Many have been taking up the trial program and feel that the platform has promise. Long-term traders are few on this platform and it definitely needs to promote the lucrative aspects of digital currency much more.