CoinFast, World’s First Blockchain-Powered ICO Platform

CoinFast is a new ICO project, designed to serve as the world’s leading decentralized ICO platform. It is quite an innovative platform because it is willing to offer ICOs with beneficial and secure software solutions. A team of hard working, top-skilled, experienced developers is working to develop this platform. They have spent years in this field and now came out with a unique solution to address some key issues faced by ICOs in terms of tools and technology.

By offering the support of market’s leading account managers, marketers, and support teams this platform will work to offer every participant with the best security features and experience. Let’s explore more details to reveal how beneficial CoinFast is to make an investment.

Providing the most efficient payment solutions for ICOs:

CoinFast is willing to provide crypto asset investors with the simplest possible way of participating in the ICO events without concerning about the security issues. It believes in providing the users with the most technologically advanced and user-friendly solutions available in the market.

It will be featuring the ICO payment gateway to provide the users with a decentralized payment solution. The participant ICOs will be able to accept the funding in more than 80 different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like EUR and USD. The ICO project owners can use this platform to create a targeted and fast ICO launch platform. They can equip it with all the mandatory features that they may need while launching the ICO.

Key features:

The noticeable features of CoinFast platform include the following:

  • It is smart:

CoinFast is offering a client dashboard to maintain the records of your ICO’s token sale activity. You can easily assess the outcomes of the marketing efforts and improve the tactics to draw more investors.

  • Compliant:

CoinFast is providing user-friendly and customized KYC mechanism in the Token Sale Launch platform in order to help the users in meeting the demands related to KYC compliance.

  • Robust token sale security:

The CoinFast team performs all-inclusive external penetration testing of the platform selling the tokens. It audits the smart contract code and suggests the most beneficial practices in order to implement unbeatable token sale security features.

  • CRM tool integration:

Every user on the CoinFast platform will get a dashboard equipped with the CRM tools. These tools will be used to manage, organize, and track investors’ details. The marketing and support teams can use these tools to engage better with the potential and the existing clients.

  • It is user-friendly and customized:

CoinFast is providing an intuitive Token Sale Launch platform that every user can easily use. The users can join this platform and then participate in the token sale events to invest in beneficial ICOs. In addition, the features on the dashboard can be customized according to the needs of the user. So, every participant will find it an easy-to-use platform.

Final thoughts:

CoinFast is going to offer some dedicated solutions for the ICOs. It will be the first decentralized platform to offer such exceptional solutions and therefore it can attract numerous ICOs and investors.









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