Coinect Presents AI Based Trading System For Cryptocurrencies

Coinect introduces an AI based system for investments that is based on the decentralized ledger framework. There are real time opportunities for trading and analytical tools present on this platform. This is designed as an investment product of the next generation that can provide growing ROI on crypto instruments. It functions as an automated trading platform that works on the decentralized ledger system. Machine learning based algorithms is used by the program to form profitable and lucrative investment decisions. The trading system incorporates several unique features such as AI and self learning through investment results and market patterns.

Features of Coinect

The automated trading system and framework of Coinect incorporates the following features:

  • The trading system is decentralized and focuses on monthly profits as well as capitalized income.
  • The value grows with an increase in investment funds in the platform which also helps to minimize potential risks.
  • With the beta version of the trading system already in progress the system has established success probabilities already to the users of the platform.
  • The platform tracks and participates in more than 25 crypto exchanges; the trading patterns are analyzed in each and trading as well as investment decisions changed accordingly.
  • AI based trading initiatives help to maximize profits as well as offer best arbitrage practices.
  • There are about 200 and more trading instruments and tools used which also lowers the risk of arbitrage trading; AI methods and deep learning help keep risks low.
  • The system works 24/7 which comprises of trading mechanisms that are series based.
  • Machine learning based decisions incorporate the best arbitrage which calculates median in near accuracy levels.
  • Historical data on trades and investments done on the platform are preserved and analyzed to ensure trades are profitable in the present and future.

Team of Coinect

Dominic Hall is team lead as well as the developer for the platform. He has worked as a senior developer for this platform since 2016 and also worked in a similar capacity for GFT.

Connor Edwards brings his technical writing and analytical skills to this platform, having a PHD in computer as well as work experience on AI projects.

Aiden Walker brings his expertise and knowhow of algorithmic trading to this platform; he has also worked with Sucden Financial previous to this.

Bradley Robinson works as a C++ developer for this platform and has been involved in the coding and technical development stages of this platform accordingly.

These are some of the several professionals who are involved in this initiative and have been working for quite some time to build and implement the platform and ensure that the trading algorithm and AI based analytical tools and trading strategies offer unparalleled advantage to the users.

Roadmap of Coinect

This particular platform was conceptualized and beta version released by December 2017. The landing page, client area and production release occurred in February 2018. In the subsequent months the ICO and promo campaigns were launched. The decentralized system is planned for release in August 2018; by the end of the year the mobile applications would be launched.


During our ICO we will issue 25,000,000 COI tokens.

ICO Start Date                    ICO End Date                       Quantity of Tokens Issued

06.25.2018                      07.24.2018                      25 000 000

  • All tokens not sold during the ICO period will be annulled after the end of the ICO.
  • 1,250,000 (5%) tokens from the specified total will be set aside for the bounty program.

Bonus Details

Round 1, 3 days

Price – $0.7

Bonus – 20%

Quantity of Tokens – 2,000,000 CNT

Round 2, 5 days

Price – $0.8

Bonus – 10%

Quantity of Tokens – 3,000,000 CNT

Round 3, 7 days

Price – $0.9

Bonus – 5%

Quantity of Tokens – 8,000,000 CNT

Round 4, 14 days

Price – $1.0

Bonus – 0%

Quantity of Tokens – 12,000,000 CNT

Bounty distribution:

25% Signature campaign

20% Translation campaign

15% Twitter campaign

15% Facebook campaign

15% Telegram campaign

10% Publications campaign