CloudBric, an AI Powered CyberSecurity Platform

CloudBric is a decentralized cybersecurity ecosystem that is designed to thoroughly reform the cyber security market. It will provide the users with the access to data security which will be transparent by its Decentralized Universal Security Platform. CloudBric is also working to combine cybersecurity and the artificial intelligence in order to develop user-centric solutions.

This platform operates by using VISION, a deep learning module which can offer the users with a broad range of cybersecurity options. It will work to form a decentralized security ecosystem within the CloudBric ecosystem. By implementing the artificial intelligence technology, CloudBric will turn into the most cutting-edge cybersecurity solution provider in the existing marketplace.

Problems CloudBric aims to resolve:

A lot of people are worried about their data due to poor cybersecurity solutions offered by the existing cybersecurity companies. CloudBric is capable of resolving these issues, which are as follows:

  • Oversaturation of security solutions:

Different solutions are available for resolving different issues related to cybersecurity. Over 1600 solutions exist to address different information security problems. It is quite confusing to know which solution is the best for your needs because of the complex nature of cybersecurity. CloudBric is designed to provide users with an easy access to a suite of solutions that can meet all their cybersecurity demands.

  • Lack of transparency:

Just like other traditional markets, cyber security vendors also gather a lot of data regarding flies infected with malware, dangerous IP addresses, attack patterns, and malicious behaviors. They never even think about sharing these details with the users because thus they may lose an opportunity of providing better solutions. CloudBric is different because its decentralized security approach will allow every user to access information regarding malware, attack patterns, and other security breaches. The users can also gain rewards by informing about security compromising elements.

  • The uncertainty of security performance:

It is an expensive process to evaluate the performance of the cyber security solutions offered by the cybersecurity vendors across the globe. It requires too many resources and general users cannot spend a lot of money only to assess how effective a cybersecurity solution is. Many fraudulent companies take advantage of people’s inability of verifying the performance and provide useless security solutions at an expensive cost.

CloudBric founders have spent over 30 years in the cyber security business. They claim to offer only reliable and workable cybersecurity solutions. They guarantee users about top performing solutions. The users can use the CLB tokens to purchase CloudBric’s advanced security solutions and other services. This platform will reward the same tokens whenever a user contributes to making IT information safer.

Final thoughts:

CloudBric is designed to safeguard people against the cyber attacks caused by intelligent hackers and malware injecting firms. This platform will offer security solutions which are a lot better than the existing cybersecurity solutions. By using the Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this platform will turn into a unique cyber security ecosystem for both businesses and individual users.