CEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

This platform comes as one of the several websites that offer a safe haven for buying and selling of Bitcoins. With several other websites offering similar services, it is necessary to understand how this platform is different from others and what makes it distinct and reliable.

Existence of CEX

This is a legitimate site that offers purchase opportunities for Ethereum and Bitcoin tokens. It can support different locations as well as different currencies as well. Funds can be added through wire transfer, credit, and debit card as well as through crypto capital.


Features of CEX

The unique features of this platform are several such as:

 Supports different fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, RUB as well as BTC.
 Transactions can be done on its mobile app as well.
 Account authentication at two levels ensures security.
 Bitcoin or Ethereum can be bought or sold by debit or credit card.
 Customer support remains live and prompt for the users.
 It has a trading exchange platform as well.

Those who create an account on this platform need to first get their details verified before they can transact or trade on this platform. Users can also choose to have their account limits increased for which verification levels are higher. One needs to provide personal details along with photo identification for KYC formalities which is a requirement to own Bitcoin. Once the verification of your personal data as well as your debit or credit card is done, you can then proceed to use the platform’s features.

How lucrative is CEX?

This is one aspect that everyone wishes to know before they register on CEX. Price of Bitcoin available for purchase on this platform is high because of the seven percent fee that is charged by the platform. However, the conveniences that this platform offers are several such as:

 It is a legitimate platform to get your hands on such cryptocurrency.
 You will also be able to switch between ETH and BTC as per your requirement. There are options for buying or selling at fixed or custom prices.
 Bitcoins bought get credited to your CEX wallet.
 There is a Bitcoin donation option which registered users can also avail of.

Reliability of CEX

This is a reliable platform as it is a registered and legitimate site for trading as well as purchasing cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC. The transaction fee being high is the only limitation of the platform, but one can rely on the platform for genuine and legitimate transactions.