Certified Diamond Coin, a Stable Coin Backed by 0.04cts Dimonds

It was 2009 when Bitcoin as the world’s first cryptocurrency was launched. It was the first of its kind and therefore nobody was considering it as a big asset at that time. After almost ten years after the launch of Bitcoin, the term cryptocurrency has turned into one of the most precious assets in today’s financial world. Bitcoin, which was considered useless during 2009, is one of the costliest currencies in today’s age. Many other crypto coins introduced after Bitcoin and their number increased up to 1580. There are above 11220 markets to trade these crypto assets and the market has reached to $254040853775.

These statistics are simply amazing because nobody used to wonder that one day an alternative form of currency will arrive that will change the world forever. Bitcoin and Ethereum are profitable assets to make an investment but their price changes constantly. Constant fluctuation in the prices of crypto assets has prevented a wide adoption of these new currencies. To address this issue and offer an effective solution, the Diamond Network is providing stable coins. These coins will effectively maintain price stability and invite more investors towards the crypto industry.

Solving the volatility issue effectively:

There are many cryptocurrency experts who are working hard to find the ways of maintaining stability in the prices of cryptocurrencies. While others cannot find a good solution, the Diamond Network has found a solution for the volatility issue. This platform is using the cutting-edge blockchain technology to develop a new crypto asset known as the “Stable Coin”. Every new coin produced by this platform will be secured by a diamond of 0.04 carat. It is not any temporary solution because Diamond Network is introduced to last for a long time within the crypto industry. Therefore, it believes in this unique concept of preventing volatility.

The founders have spent a long time in researching the ways of preventing price volatility in crypto coins. They found that diamond backed crypto assets can assure numerous investors that their investment will be safe whenever they will buy a stable coin. This platform is introducing two different stable coins, which are:

  • DPT:

The Diamond Platform Token or DPT is introduced as a utility token which the participants will need this token to use all the services offered by the Diamond Network. The users can also use this utility token for paying fees of the services within the network and therefore this token is a subject of ICO.

  • CDC:

The Certified Diamond Coin or CDC is a standardized security token. It is a stable coin which will not be subjected to price volatility because this coin is equal to a 0.04 cts diamond. The Diamond Network is introducing CDC as a hybrid token which the users can use as a security token and as a payment token.

Final thoughts:

Unlike Bitcoin and other crypto assets, the investors will never get worried about price volatility if they invest in the CDC coin. Its price will remain stable and therefore this can be a beneficial asset to make an investment.