CCIN, Enabling the Options Trading on Crypto Assets

The CCIN (Cryptocoin Insurance) is developed to provide crypto insurance service to the crypto asset holders. You can use this platform to insure price falls and growth risks of some of your major investments in the crypto assets.

At present there is no way of insuring the money deposit in Ethereum or Bitcoin if their prices fall. People are currently afraid of investing a huge amount in crypotocurrency because of the increased volatility. The usability of crypto assets is also limited because large organizations are taking it too slow to accept the payments in cryptocurrencies. They are also worried about the increased volatility and therefore a robust solution needed to address this issue.

CCIN’s solution:

CCIN will be operating as the world’s leading cryptocurrency option exchange. Initially it will start working with five cryptocurrencies which are the most widely chosen in the market. Later this platform will start operating with other crypto assets as the demands and turnover will increase in the future. This platform is offering both Ethereum and Bitcoin growth or fall insurance. This is how it will edge its risks. There is no other platform offering the similar solutions and therefore CCIN can maintain an impressive margin on the level of 20%. This platform is designed to repackage and buy or sell its own risk as option on the same exchange used by its users.

Featuring the world’s first crypto option exchange:

Currently, the crypto industry does not have an exchange where the users can buy or sell options. Increased volatility will be the main issue if such stock exchange is created for they crypto industry. CCIN does not see it as a big issue because traders take a huge risk when they trade options for oil, stocks, and wheat.

CCIN believes its solutions will help the users because the crypto market is quite different than the traditional stock market. The crypto market offers its services 24-7. The crypto assets have been traded for more than 10 years. There has never been news that show the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins changed frequently about 30-50%. As the experts say, the cryptocurrency market is a lot safer for option sellers in comparison to other markets and therefore CCIN’s solution can work. This platform is going to offer options trading on crypto assets and it will be the first to offer such solutions.

Enabling short sells:

The crypto industry is lacking the short selling opportunities. If a cryptocurrency is physically missing on the account for a very short period, the user cannot sell it. Just because of this issue the speculators cannot assess a smooth price fluctuation in other markets.

CCIN believes the options trading can enable short sell. If Bitcoin or Ethereum is not physically available in the account, the users can get an option on their growth or falling. This is how uncovered sales will take place. Many new traders will be drawn towards the crypto market if CCIN’s solution is implemented successfully.






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