Capverto, Featuring Unique Banking Solutions Based on the Blockchain Technology

The Capverto exchange is presenting a digital currency created to effectively enhance the basic benefits of the cryptocurrency. This digital currency has the design which effectively meets the requirements of users which are not a part of the vast banking system. This platform is committed to provide its users with a versatile banking experience. It will be offering prepaid cards just like the banks offer. Using this platform would be as easy as you log onto a website to use its features. In other words, Capverto is designed to offer beneficial banking solutions to meet the financial needs of unbanked individuals across the globe.

Services offered by Capverto:

Capverto is offering the following services:

  • Capverto smart contracts:

This platform is going to operate as an open-source and extendible framework which participants can use to form the blockchain technology based solutions. The users and corporate organizations can also use this platform to develop a personalized blockchain.

  • P2P lending and borrowing:

This platform is going to promote secure P2P currency transfer solutions. This platform is going to allow the users to lend their crypto assets and earn profit through the interest generated by lending the currency. The annual interest rate would be about 8% which every crypto asset lender will receive immediately. The borrowers can benefit by receiving the required amount without relying on the traditional financial institutions.

  • Capverto prepaid cards:

Capverto has launched its prepaid cards to offer a secure link between the fiat money and cryptocurrency. The users owning the Capverto prepaid cards will gain the amount equal to CAP tokens which will be equal to the tier of the card bought. There are four different cards, Blue Card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, and Black Card. The users can use these cards just like their debit cards to make payments across the globe.

  • Cryptocurrency insurance:

A lot of users are worried about losing their cryptocurrency because it is stored on digital wallets. In order to offer users with a better peace of mind, Capverto is going to offer cryptocurrency insurance. It means the user will receive the amount equivalent to the value of cryptocurrency they hold if any security breach occurs and they lose their currency.

  • Copy trading solutions:

Capverto will allow its users to follow other traders and copy their portfolios. Every new participant in the crypto trading industry needs some guidance from experienced traders. The copy trading solution offered by Capverto will help them in getting started quickly and invest in more profitable crypto assets.


Capverto is providing the CAP tokens during the ICO. The Pre ICO is ended and the crowdsale will take place within a few days. Bounty is available and each CAP token costs 1.82 USD. It is a profitable token that has gained a huge popularity within the recent time.

Final thoughts:

Capverto has some revolutionary banking solutions for the unbanked population of above 2 billion people across the globe. This platform is going to offer many impressive financial services for which numerous people would like to join it.






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